30 Ideas for Research Paper Topics on Business

Business is what powers the global economics and the human civilisation in general. No wonder that business became an object of intense researches. There are no areas of human life that can’t be attached to the business (except the ones human morals prevent us to). So studying business can be incredibly interesting, because you can choose literally anything and make a business research paper of it.

Use the cultural context to its fullest extent if you are not writing about global corporation. Similar products and business models can have overwhelming success in one countries and no success at all in others. The success of the business depends on predicting the needs of the target audience and the target audience is people with their own personalities, habits and traditions.

Try to focus on practical aspects. There are a lot of legends, rumors and theories around business, but the real statistics and data is what can prove what is working and what is not. Always check is the statistics comes from the reliable sources. Sometimes, the data is falsified to strengthen the positions of certain companies among the others, so be sure that you use the figures of the unbiased side.

Search for something that wasn’t already studied. The histories of great companies and biographies of their owners are written so thoroughly that it would be a great challenge to add something to them. But if you try and make a research about not so great, but unusual or very promising business, you may draw attention of your audience to it and show them that business continues its development and something new equally big can still emerge from a simple good idea, good realisation and good management.

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You may use our samples of topics to get inspiration for your own research and we are sure it will be totally great!

  1. The phenomenon of startups
  2. Teenage business
  3. Small business as a basis of economics
  4. Business in third-world countries
  5. Business and taxes
  6. Business ethic and general ethic
  7. The cultural differences of business in different countries
  8. Defining the targeted audience
  9. Diversity of Personnel: is it good for business?
  10. Business and Crisis Management
  11. Calculating risks in business
  12. The concept of free market: utopia or achievable goal?
  13. Monopolies and their impact on market
  14. Business and personal relationships. Can family business ruin a family?
  15. Business dynasties
  16. Franchises: what differentiates them from business “from scratch”?
  17. Business and copyright law
  18. Market of services
  19. The changes in consumer behaviour after the popularisation of the Internet
  20. Charity as advertisement strategy in business
  21. Outsourcing in business, its advantages and disadvantages
  22. The balance of increasing production and ecology
  23. Corporate culture and company rituals in business
  24. Business diplomacy and negotiation
  25. The importance of healthy working environment in business
  26. The relationships between governments and private businesses
  27. Do brands have the same importance on the modern market?
  28. Business during military crisis
  29. Culture of consumerism: what is it?
  30. Are the social media the new market?
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