25 Cool Ideas of Human Resource Paper Topics

Not everyone likes the name Human Resources – we are not resources, we are unique personalities after all! – but still, HR is a very important area of any management and a subject of intense studies. It is natural that you were tasked to write a research paper on it. Feel free to use some tips from us, we hope you will write a really great paper.

The principles of human resource management are basically the same everywhere, but before choosing the topic it would be great to decide whether you want to write about big companies, with the strict code and set of rules, or small, almost family businesses. Usually, when the manager has hundreds of employees to work with, they have no option than to strictly follow the rules, when in the small companies HR managers can afford themselves to step away from the rules sometimes to be more humane and understanding. If you need to buy custom term paper you are in the right place!

Human Resource Management is a discipline that deals with psychology, sociology, economics and, actually, management. Nevertheless, it has a set of strict rules and regulations that should be followed to achieve the best performance of the staff. The different approaches to HR management (psychological, economical, etc.) can make a great subject for the research paper. Another possible direction to go is the changes in human resources management that happen due to the rapid growth of economics, changing the very principles of work (online offices, freelance, outsourcing) and the demands of the modern employees.

Whatever you choose, always pay attention to the context human resources are managed in. The international company will usually have very general standards that are comfortable for the employees all over the world when local businesses are often very influenced by the cultural context to the point that outsiders may feel very uncomfortable there.

You’re welcome to read through our sample topics! Hope they will give you some ideas for your own research paper on human resources. Good luck!

  1. Global competitiveness on strategic human resources
  2. The main factors that influence the loyalty of the employee
  3. Job satisfaction. Why is it important not only for employees but for the employer too?
  4. The demand and supply circle on the human resources market
  5. Additional benefits or salary bonuses?
  6. Daily childcare in the company: will it enhance the performance of employees?
  7. Compensation packages: what are they for?
  8. Resolving conflicts on the workplace
  9. Cultural diversity among the employees: what should HR manager know about it?
  10. Sexual harassment amongst the employees and the strategies of its eliminating
  11. Recruiting straightly from universities: pros and cons
  12. Career planning: shall it be centered around companies or people?
  13. Work with freelancers and outsourcers
  14. Shall the company pay for its employees’ education?
  15. Calculating risks while recruiting a new team member
  16. Forming a team by psychological types
  17. What is more important: professional qualities or fitting personality?
  18. Work ethics and general human ethics
  19. HR’s role in organizational innovation
  20. Talent management and talent hunting
  21. Hiring HR managers
  22. Performance tests: how to do them right?
  23. Overqualified employees: what is it and what to do with overqualification?
  24. Remote interviews versus personal ones
  25. Soft and hard skills