25 Foreign Policy Research Paper Topics

Writing about foreign policy of your country isn’t an easy task: it requires the deep knowledge of the other sciences: economy, sociology, even psychology and geography. Every decision in the foreign policy is made after the long calculations and analysis, nothing is random… or at least shouldn’t be.

Foreign policy (also called the foreign relations policy) is the complex of strategies chosen by the state to promote and guard its national interests and to achieve its goals on the global scale. Of course nothing is easy here: no country can just do what it wants to: there are other players in this geopolitical game. So, us foreign policy of the country depends also of the country’s strength: can it demand what it needs, or can it just ask?

Another hard question that you may face while writing your research papers is the conflict of your personal morals and ethics with ones that are used in foreign policy. It doesn’t mean that the power corrupts the politics to such an extent (not always, at least), that’s just because the interests of the country sometimes may oppose the short-term goals of people and even outright contradict something that people consider right and just.

To choose the right foreign policy thesis topics, try to use the media first. Watch the news, read the latest newspapers. Not all journalists are experts in the field of foreign policy, but they definitely know best about the latest events on that arena. Also, they usually invite the respected experts to comment the situation and these commentaries may be extremely useful as sources of information for your research.

We gathered some sample topics for you. Hope they will give you some ideas for your perfect research paper on Foreign Policy!

25 Foreign Policy Topics for a Successful Paper

  1. Foreign policy and the role of propaganda in it
  2. Foreign policy of Japan
  3. Foreign policy of People’s Republic of Korea
  4. Foreign policy in the age of globalization
  5. Colonisation and the relations between former colonies and metropoly
  6. Weapons of mass destruction as instrument of foreign policy
  7. The foreign policy of President Trump
  8. The importance of diplomacy in the foreign policy
  9. Can terrorism be controllable instrument of foreign policy?
  10. Foreign policy of USA and USSR during the Cold War
  11. The idea of “Global Democracy”
  12. Foreign policy and its dependance of resources of country
  13. What makes the country strong enough to be a powerful player on the global arena?
  14. Foreign policy of USA
  15. Foreign policy of EU
  16. Foreign policy of Russia
  17. Protecting human rights and the foreign policy
  18. Case study of Fashoda Incident
  19. Yalta Conference
  20. The changes in the foreign policy of China in the last decade
  21. The loudest foreign policy events in 2018
  22. Dictatorships and the similarities in their foreign policy
  23. The changes in the foreign policy of the USA after the tragedy of September 11th
  24. Military intervention as an instrument of the foreign policy
  25. Humanitarian aid as an instrument of the foreign policy
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