35 Global Issues Topics for Research Papers

In the modern world of globalization, world events aren’t something that happens far away anymore. Our societies are so interwoven that change on the one side of the globe will most definitely influence the other. What was predicted in the film “Butterfly Effect” now is a real subject of real researches. So how to find a good global issues topics for essays?

At first, you should understand that no one can calculate all the causes and consequences of the particular event and its impact on the rest of the world. Moreover, there are a few events the influence of which is proven and undoubtful. You may make suggestions and search for unusual correlations, but even if you won’t be able to found a solid proof for them it is okay. The world is too unpredictable sometimes.

But even with this in mind, try your best to collect as much data as possible. Use a reliable statistic from the respected sources. If you have the true and descriptive facts, it will be much easier to prove that with the correct methods of analysis they indeed lead to the conclusion you stated in your research paper. Sometimes the information that seems to be not connected at all may lead you to the unexpected eureka moment when all the puzzle pieces get into their places. Studying global events is akin to the work of Sherlock Holmes way.

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Don’t be afraid to make the most unexpected suggestions. Try to brainstorm all the connections that come to your mind, find the direction and start investigating the chosen field. Check our sample topics to get more ideas about where to start and choose our custom research paper writing services!

35 Global Issues Topics for an A+ Grade

  1. The presidency of Trump and its impact on world politics
  2. Kidnapping and human trafficking: will it increase afterthe legalization of prostitution worldwide?
  3. The Doomsday Clock: its meaning and importance
  4. The global warming: what are its advantages and disadvantages?
  5. What the first piloted flight to Marswill change?
  6. Does violence at the border between USA and Mexico have global consequences?
  7. Holy wars: isthere any risk of them now?
  8. The raise of China: what are the possibilities for the country in the next ten years?
  9. Digital piracy as global phenomenon
  10. The global hunger: what can be done to eliminate it?
  11. The pollution problem: who or what contributes the most?
  12. Social media and their global influence
  13. Global flashmobs: what can they change?
  14. The phenomenon of petitions
  15. The overpopulation of the Earth: are there humane ways to prevent it?
  16. Shall we fight extinction of every endangered specie, or let the nature decide?
  17. Deforestation and its global impact
  18. The global impact of the third world countries
  19. The consequences of Brexit
  20. Space missions as a global uniting factor
  21. The secret societies: are they a real force?
  22. The Third World War: is the danger real?
  23. Mother Teresa and her influence on the world
  24. Gender problems worldwide
  25. Shall class segregation be eliminated completely?
  26. Ethnic conflicts: is there a global solution?
  27. Is the universal religion possible?
  28. The global poverty: what can be done?
  29. Recycling: what can we do on global scale?
  30. Are caste systems a global or a local problem?
  31. Does the power over the globe now belongs to corporations, not to the governments?
  32. Civil wars: are they internal affairs or the symptoms of global events?
  33. How do closed countries like People’s Republic of Korea influence the world?
  34. Humanitarian aid: how to help without harm?
  35. Is the world ready for global catastrophes?