40 Best Ideas of Research Paper Topics for College Students

No college study is possible without research papers. But like a name for a startup, the hardest thing in the research paper is the college research paper topics. You’re lucky if you are given one or choose from the list, but usually, you get into a “sink or swim” situation when you should get a subject for your research on your own.

To get a clear idea about what you are writing, try to start from the broadest definition and then to narrow it step by step. The first and obvious criteria is the subject you need your research paper for. It’s cool if you like this subject, but what if you don’t have a clue about something interesting and worth writing a paper in it?

You may try to find research papers topics for college where the needed subject borders with the one you like or just know better. You will be amazed to know that even the most unrelated subjects can be connected via some interesting and not well-known researches and projects. Medicine and Math, Psychology and Physics, Astronomy and Culture etc… we are sure that you find out lots of new and interesting things while searching for these connections.

When you are sure about area and direction, it is time for the next step of narrowing. Here are also some things you should keep in mind to make the rest of your college year easier. If it is the first research paper out of some series, try to choose the topic that could be used for all of them. It spares you the time you would otherwise spend searching the information for every new paper. You will do this for the first one and then just use it with some additions.

This leads us to the second condition: it is a good idea to check how many data is accessible for your possible topic. If there are lots of researches done (or you feel that you do some on your own), this is a good topic. You have lots of facts to refer to, you will be able to save some of them for later works and also the big quantity of sources will sufficiently raise the credibility of your paper.

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Feel free to check out our sample topics on different subjects to get inspired, and good luck!

List of 40 Research Topics for College Students


  • Medical ethic. Can we use the information gathered during unethical experiments?
  • Gender transitioning: pros and contras.
  • Placebo effect: why does it work?
  • The newest methods of treating cancer
  • The role of pandemics in human history


  • The stages of psychological development of a human
  • Is socionics a valid psychological discipline?
  • Trauma and PTSD: can it be cured or shall the traumatized people just adapt to normal life?
  • The role of a healthy family in the psychological development of children
  • Positive psychology: studying happiness


  • The rise of politics: when did it come to life?
  • Politics during the peace and in the wartime: does it differ?
  • Totalitarian regimes: why do they emerge and how do they survive?
  • Politics and ethics. Is it possible to stay uncorrupted by power?
  • Political parties. Their history, roles, functions, and structure


  • The math in our everyday life.
  • Mathematics, statistics, and probability
  • The role of math in computer science and AI development
  • Math and astronomy: how can we predict the unseen?
  • The greatest math theories that changed the world


  • The quantum theory: the physics of the unseen
  • The recent discoveries in physics
  • Unusual materials and their physical description
  • Electricity, its discovery, studying and usage
  • Plasma and its physical properties


  • Genetic engineering and its perspectives
  • Amino acids. The bricks of life
  • The strangest animals and the causes of their evolution
  • Are viruses alive?
  • What can be made better in the human body?


  • Startups: are they a modern phenomenon?
  • The history of business empires
  • The role of advertisement in business
  • Comparison of pre- and post-Internet businesses
  • Outsourcing: advantages and disadvantages


  • Shall humanity fight the extinction of every endangered specie?
  • Cloning mammoth and sabertooth tigers: will it influence the current ecosystem?
  • The global pollution and its impact on the global ecology
  • The main biomes and their ecosystems
  • What will Earth look like if humanity disappears?