30 Tips For Finding Great Research Paper Topics for Middle School

If you get stuck on the stage of choosing the topic of your research paper, we can completely understand you. It is the case when too vivid or too tired imagination can both work against you. The good news are that in the middle school the teachers are usually less strict when it comes to topic choice than in college. But this is also the bad news: if you weren’t given a list of topics, you are facing, actually, the unlimited choice.

Mostly, the research paper in middle school exist to teach you to do the research itself. So the topic isn’t crucial until you are ready to gather and analyze data and make your own conclusion. To get your first ideas you may try the brainstorm technique: just get a sheet of paper and pen and write down anything that comes to mind.

Don’t worry if mostly it will be something that won’t make a good research paper topic. Try to add some words to it: for example turn “candies” into “the production of candies”, “the importance of candies in our culture” or “the influence of candies to our body”. You may come up with something worthy or at least you will definitely have fun.

If this doesn’t work, you may try to remember all the topics you learned on the course you need the paper for. Do you have the favourite one? Try to google its name. You will see lots of the articles and other researches that may give you the direction and also serve as data for your paper. You are choosing the topic and searching for sources at the same time, isn’t it cool?

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You may also read through our list of sample topics. Feel free to change them in any way you want. Just keep in mind: these topics are only the directions for you to choose.

  1. Is going vegan good for your health?
  2. The dinosaurs: what should happen for them to evolve again?
  3. The history of music and its meaning in modern life
  4. Greenhouse effect: is it natural or artificial
  5. What are the possible consequences of drugs legalization
  6. World War II and its impact on the rights of women
  7. Schools, learning and social networks
  8. The causes, effects and consequences of earthquakes
  9. The geological periods of Earth development
  10. The history of cryptography
  11. The nature of sports. Why competition is so important for humanity?
  12. How a person’s behaviour changes in the crowd?
  13. What is propaganda and how it works?
  14. Is sexual education important? Why?
  15. How much can we play computer games to not get addicted?
  16. The prison system: shall it be reformed?
  17. The types and forms of poetry: how does poetry evolve?
  18. Internet safety: what to do if you are threatened or blackmailed?
  19. The endangered cultures: is it important to preserve them in the age of globalization?
  20. Gender roles in media and books for children
  21. The effective strategies of waste recycling
  22. Shall some media be banned from TV or is censorship always bad?
  23. Human morality. Is it a national trait or a social construct?
  24. Multicultural community: do the cultures mix?
  25. Healthy self-esteem: what can influence it?
  26. Forming of social hierarchy: does it differ from one group to another?
  27. Family issues and their impact on the development of the children’s personality
  28. What Jupiter contains of?
  29. What is more perspective planet for colonizing: Mars or Venus and why?
  30. Are cryptocurrencies real currencies?