40 Drugs and Drug Abuse Research Paper Topics: When Medicine Meets Criminology

The research paper about the drug abuse can be of any subject: Sociology, Criminology, Psychology, Medicine, Pharmacology, Statistics, even History. This problem emerges at the very dawn of humanity. So, the topic itself is too vast to capture it all in one paper. To make a really great research you should narrow it a bit. Let’s look at the drug abuse from the different points of view.

Drug Abuse and Sociology

From this side the topic is studied well enough. From the one hand you will have plenty of data, but from the other hand it was all analyzed already. The different age groups, the correlation between social status and drugs, nationality, professions, stress level – almost every aspect of human life was studied in connection to drug abuse. But still you are welcome to use this statistic and sociological researches in a new and creative way.

Drug abuse and Medicine

The obvious topic for a medical research paper. The impact of drugs on the human body, the changes in its physiology and the nature of addiction are well studied also, but, unfortunately, the drugs evolve along with the science, so the new synthetic drugs that are sometimes considered harmless “energy club pills” emerge almost every year. The range of impact of synthetic drugs is much wider and hasn’t fully explored yet, so here is your chance for the interesting research paper.

Drug abuse and Psychology

One of the main causes of drug abuse is long depression or PTSD when the drugs are used to suppress the negative emotions, flashback, or vice versa make a person to feel at least something. The psychological impact of drugs is very vast theme that raises lots of ethical dilemmas and questions about border between use and abuse, free will and addiction. The differences and similarities between antidepressants and drugs can also be mentioned in the research paper, because this topic is highly discussed nowadays in the scientific society.

Have a look at these example topics to think about your own!

  1. Drug abuse and the degradation of neuron cells
  2. The social aspects of the drug abuse. The most vulnerable categories of people
  3. Drugs and religion. Drug abuse as the part of the sacred rituals
  4. Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
  5. Drug abuse as the part of human trafficking and as psychological defence of victims
  6. Reversible and irreversible consequences of drug abuse
  7. Drug abuse and minors
  8. Ethnic and cultural traditions that may lead to drug abuse
  9. Medical marijuana. Can legalizing it lead to drug abuse?
  10. The ethical questions of abusing painkiller drugs or other drugs that ease the state of a person
  11. The “club culture”. May it enhance the danger of drug abuse?
  12. Preventing drug abuse. Mandatory examination or voluntary learning: what will help most?
  13. The abstinence after the drug abuse. Rehabilitation and resocialization of the victims of it
  14. The harm done by drug abuse to the family and social relations
  15. The types of drugs and the impact of their abuse to the human body
  16. The positive effects of drugs. May they be reached without drawbacks of drug abuse?
  17. Alcoholics Anonymous, similar organisations and their role in overcoming the dependency
  18. Is constant smoking a drug abuse? Quitting smoking: government and social decisions
  19. Exotic addictions: game addiction, porn addiction etc. Do they have the effects similar to drug abuse?
  20. Substance abuse during pregnancy and before conceiving. What additional harm it causes?
  21. The correlation between drugs and spreading of HIV/AIDS
  22. Drug abuse and crime rates
  23. History of drug abuse. Opium houses, heroin cough syrup and others
  24. Drunk driving and drunk violence. The indirect victims of alcohol abuse
  25. The social rejection of the former drug abusers and the way to overcome it
  26. The main causes of drug abuse in the different social groups
  27. Drug abuse and mental health
  28. LGBTQ+ and drug abuse
  29. The development of drug testing. The governmental implementation of it
  30. Geniuses and drug abuse. Did drugs really helped them to create their masterpieces?
  31. Shall the laws about drug abuse be changed?
  32. Health Care Information Technology
  33. Drug abuse and global health throughout the 20-21 centuries
  34. Personal freedom or the safety of society: can drugs be allowed for personal use?
  35. Legal drinking age in different countries and its connection to the cultural diversity
  36. The different attitude to drugs and drug abuse in the different countries. Why it differs so much?
  37. Teenage and college culture. Why substance abuse is considered to be cool?
  38. Drugs, rape and robbery. Drugging people intentionally as the way to prevent them defending themselves
  39. 12-Step Programs and their impact on healing the drug addiction
  40. Alcohol, tobacco and sleeping pills advertising. Can it lead to more drug abuse?