29 Ideas for Your Argumentative Research Paper Topics

To write a great argumentative research paper you need to have either the perfect intuition and innate gift for persuasion, or be able to analyze and structure lots of information that can prove your point (and that can work against you too, so that you can be one step ahead your opponents).

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If you were given the right to choose your own topic, use it wisely, because it can help you a lot. Think about the topic that you are really passionate about. This will give you the drive and determination to find the best and the most persuasive information to prove your point. Perhaps you already made your personal research or know about some prominent cases. Your personal experience may also become a major point of your paper, if you don’t mind sharing it with the audience.

Keep the balance between the dry facts and figures and emotional stories and examples. Your argumentative research paper shall refer not only to the logic of the audience but to their emotions also, because both of these parts are essential to persuade them. Avoid too much drama, because the audience may become frustrated instead and instinctively reject the paper that raised so much negative emotions in them.

Try to make a “happy ending” – finish your research paper with the list of the ways of solving the problem or suggesting something that will make things better. This spark of hope will make the audience feel better and therefore more welcoming to your paper.

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We have collected some sample topics for you to have a look, but remember that these are only examples. You know better what makes your heart beat faster, so use our hints, choose your own way and persuade them all!

  1. Free education: is it possible for government to provide it for everyone?
  2. The mandatory limiting the internet access to minors
  3. Mandatory military service or voluntary one, what is better?
  4. Shall humanity develop a universal planetary language?
  5. What level of education can be considered basic and guaranteed by government?
  6. Healthy weight: what it is? Shall it be influenced by fashion?
  7. Shall the risky jobs be done by robots even if human labor is cheaper?
  8. Can government control the usage of alcohol?
  9. Shall people pass tests to become parents?
  10. Humanity shall substitute wood with something else to stop deforestation
  11. Marvin Heemeyer: a hero or a criminal?
  12. What professions may be restricted for people with mental disabilities?
  13. Shall depression be included into medical insurance?
  14. The benefits or hazards of developing the fully sentient AI
  15. Online friends as substitution to real life ones
  16. Can Internet provide us with everything we need for living?
  17. Can machines create real art?
  18. Are narcissists and sociopaths capable of love and compassion, just in their own way?
  19. Shall everyone be obliged to know the basics of first aid?
  20. The goals of feminism are achieved already
  21. Bullying at school as first step to the more violent behaviour
  22. Childhood traumas are incurable, traumatized people can only adapt to normal life
  23. The animal testing should be banned no matter what
  24. Nuclear weapons exist to prevent the world war, not to be used in it
  25. Video blogs ruin the concept of privacy
  26. Can video games be used as psychotherapy?
  27. The “uncanny valley” is a rudimentary instinct and we shall overcome it
  28. The friendship between sexes is possible
  29. Does power irreversibly corrupt its bearer?