Best Grammar Checker – 2019 Review

Whether you are a student, a professional writer, or just a person who occasionally writes social media posts, you definitely understand the value of error-free writing. Most people want to write without mistakes, but it is so easy to miss several of them despite proofreading. Online grammar checkers help with this issue. Still, finding the best grammar checker may be time consuming. We’ve decided to safe your time and review several options that are currently available online.

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Looking for the Best Grammar Checker Online

We’ve tested nine most popular grammar checkers that are now available online with regards to five criteria our users value most. We reviewed Grammarly, Ginger, After the Deadline, Hemingway, LanguageTool, WhiteSmoke, ProWriting Aid, Spell Check Plus, and AResearchGuide. In order to determine which of these checkers is most accurate, we’ve created several test texts: one example of academic writing; one SEO text; one informal piece of writing. Each test text contains a number of grammatical, spelling, punctuation, stylistic, as well as sentence structure mistakes. We ran these three texts through chosen nine online checkers, aiming at objective evaluation.


Grammarly is currently one of the most popular online grammar checkers. It is positioned as a convenient tool that has a free version. Users benefit from the many ways in which they utilize this tool. For instance, Grammarly provides keyboards for Android and iOS, as well as free add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, Safari. It can be added to Microsoft Office as well as Windows. Users who sign up also can check texts online using their accounts. They either copy-paste already written texts or write them online. These features are available for free, but users need a paid membership for resolving more serious writing style issues.


  • The add-ons make usage easier, naturally integrating Grammarly into daily writing;
  • It detects mistakes with considerable accuracy;
  • It provides additional explanations, which is particularly convenient for people who learn English as a second language;
  • There are options for both free and paid membership.


  • Free version frequently prompts users to upgrade their membership to a paid version;
  • Sometimes it provides incorrect suggestions, which means that English learners or newbie-writers still should treat it with caution;
  • While free version may be enough for students or informal writing, SEO writing or writing on a sophisticated level require paid membership, because free version will not correct certain errors that are particularly critical at this level.

Here is an evaluation of Grammarly based on five popular criteria:

Price – Paid membership (there are two options: premium ($11.66/month) or business ($15/month/member)) provides much more features than the free one. Still, even free version is good for students.

Interface – It is user-friendly and convenient.

Functionality – Grammarly provides free add-ons, keyboards, apps, integrates into Microsoft Office, and allows checking texts online (there are limitations of text length for free users). It checks grammar, writing style, punctuation, spelling, style.

Usability – This is a universal tool.

Accuracy – Pretty accurate. However, sometimes it gives incorrect suggestions and some errors require paid membership.

If you are ready to pay or don’t mind constant upgrade suggestions, Grammarly is one of modern grammar checkers that we definitely recommend. It is perfect for students, writers, businesses, SEO experts, bloggers or other people who want to produce perfect content.


Ginger is another popular tool that students, writers, bloggers use to check their texts for grammatical errors. This service positions itself as a viable alternative to a human reviewer. Users choose among three available options. They use either free or premium version. Premium users select either monthly, annual, or two-year plan. Just like Grammarly, Ginger are integrated into Microsoft Office. So writers who prefer this tool will find Ginger rather convenient. It is available for Windows, several popular browsers, iOS and Android. Its Android keyboard supports up to 58 languages.


  • Conveniently integrated into MS Office, major browsers, mobile communication;
  • Provides translations into 40 languages along with definitions.


  • Only a premium account provides unlimited grammar checks;
  • Only premium users have analysis of mistakes, practice on mistakes, sentence rephraser.

Price – Free or premium version; most features are available in premium version. Current prices for available plans are the following: monthly – $14.98/month; annual – $6.24/month; two years – $4.99/month.

Interface – User-friendly.

Functionality – It includes apps, add-ons, keyboards, integrates into MS Office, but paid membership is necessary for greater functionality.

Usability – Universal.

Accuracy – This checker is not 100% accurate. Although it marked many errors, still significant amount, particularly writing style along with sentence structure issues, remained unnoticed.

In order to receive services of higher quality, paid account is necessary. As for free version, it’s not accurate enough.

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After The Deadline

After The Deadline grammar checker provides services that include contextual spell checking, advanced style checking, as well as intelligent grammar checking. This tool is available on It also provides add-ons, apps, along with extensions for various platforms. After the Deadline runs a server for clients’ personal use simultaneously providing free server software for commercial use.


  • Uses different colors to spotlight errors. Red is used for spelling; grammar suggestions appear in green color; clients see style suggestions marked in blue. This is very convenient;
  • When pressing on marked mistakes, users receive suggestions of correct alternatives.
  • In some cases, users read explanations by pressing on errors.


  • Interface is not as user-friendly as those of previously reviewed checkers. The headings are not very accurate;
  • The tool corrects simple errors, but fails noticing more serious mistakes like, for example, noun/pronoun disagreement.
  • Does not check punctuation.

Price – Free versions for both personal and commercial use.

Interface – Interface isn’t very user-friendly. There are some misleading headings.

Functionality – Includes apps, add-ons, extensions and integrates into It only checks spelling errors and provides grammar and style suggestions.

Usability – Universal.

Accuracy – It’s not accurate, if accuracy means perfect text after check. It marks simple mistakes and misspelled words, but more serious issues remain unnoticed.

Although this tool is free, it has a limited functionality. Those who will use this tool should keep in mind that it will not check punctuation, leaving sophisticated errors unnoticed.


Hemingway Editor is an app that aims at helping people who share information online to create error-free readable content. Among the features users may find here there are such as the following: cutting dead weight from writing, making writing more clear, marking hard to understand sentences, marking common grammar errors, and eliminating passive voice among others. This app marks checked texts with a readability grade, and it works without internet connection. Users have a free trial or use a free online version. Desktop app is also available, but it’s not free: prices part from $19.99.


  • Supports 14 languages;
  • Marks complex, dense, complicated sentences, showing users pieces of content that should be substituted with simpler sentences.
  • Marks excessive passive voice, adverbs that make phrasing weaker.
  • Helps improve writing style and readability of texts for free or for a low price.


  • Doesn’t check punctuation;
  • Upon marking errors, it provides suggestions that are rather general;
  • It’s more about readability than about perfect content.

Price – Free and paid versions are available.

Interface – Interface is not very user-friendly; it can take some time before users get accustomed to it.

Functionality – The app allows importing text from word processing programs and saving a checked version as PDF or .doc.

Usability – It particularly targets people who post to Medium, WordPress, or any web page. It’s about readability rather than about error-free content.

Accuracy – Really helpful when it comes to making content easier and more attractive to readers. Still, it’s not the best variant for those who look for a grammar checker that will ensure complete absence of mistakes. It concentrates on certain types of errors more, leaving other error kinds unnoticed.

Hemingway is worth considering when one wants to improve text readability without much effort. It will highlight all the problematic areas, making proofreading process more effective. Still, this tool is not in the best list when it comes to grammar check. So let’s keep looking.


Using this proofreading software, users check grammar in texts written on 13 different languages. The tool is used online, where users access a checkbox into which pieces of text can be copied and scanned for errors. Add-ons and plugins for Chrome and Firefox, Google Docs and MS Word, as well as LibreOffice are also available. You may use this checker for free, but no add-ons and very few functions are available to free users. Only premium accounts bring decent functionality.


  • The tool uses various colors to highlight different errors, which is convenient;
  • Has a user-friendly interface.


  • Free users detect just a few error types;
  • Free version provides very few functions;
  • There is limitation – 20.000 characters for free users and 40.000 characters for premium users).

Price – This tool can be used for free or users can get a premium membership. Monthly ($19/month), 3-month ($13/month), yearly ($4.92/month) subscriptions are available.

Interface – User-friendly.

Functionality – Functionality is quite limited, especially in free version. Text limitations exist in both free and premium versions, which is completely uncomfortable.

Usability – Suitable for students.

Accuracy – Notices misspelled words or simple issues (like lack of proper capitalization), but fails to tackle more serious problems. It won’t check your punctuation or text readability.

Given limitations as well as lack of accuracy, this tool is hardly the one we would recommend. Buying premium version is completely unreasonable in this case.


WhiteSmoke relies on a unique technology that its developers position as a Natural Language Processing. This tool uses various algorithms and artificial intelligence, which contributes to its effectiveness and capability to tackle phrasing and wording errors. This service provides extensions for browsers, as well as mobile apps, for easier grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style checks. It also contains translator and dictionary for more than 50 languages. Although it can be added to Chrome for free, particular functions come at a price. For checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation, users will have to pay $4.16/month for their Chrome extension.


  • Checks punctuation, along with spelling and grammar;


  • Every feature comes at an additional price;
  • The statement that users use it for free is misleading.

Price – No free usage, but paid versions are relatively cheap. Users choose either 1-year or 3-year billing period and buy Chrome extension, essential, premium, or business plan.

Interface – User-friendly.

Functionality – Works in almost all browsers, but functionality depends on the version of subscription.

Usability – Universal, but it created more for students or writers, whose budget is tight. It isn’t the best decision for SEO experts though.

Accuracy – Quite accurate, although paid account is necessary.

This tool will check grammar, punctuation, as well as some stylistic errors for a relatively small price.


ProWritingAid provides a free Chrome add-on, but subscription is obligatory. This tool is especially good at finding structural problems. As for spelling, grammatical, or punctuation mistakes, it can leave some errors unnoticed.


  • Detects issues related with sentence structure;
  • Detects repetitions in sentences.


  • Leaves some errors, particularly punctuation mistakes, unnoticed;
  • Provides little feedback;
  • Free version has limit of word-count;
  • Does not correct mistakes in online text boxes.

Price – Free version has many limitations; paid version is costly: 1 year membership is $70, 2-year membership costs $100, 3-year membership – $140, and lifetime membership – $240.
Interface – Quite user-friendly, but users may lack feedback

Functionality – Paid version brings greater functionality. Still, the tool isn’t as sophisticated as some available alternatives.

Usability – Designed for students.

Accuracy – Not very accurate in tackling mistakes.

Given that the tool is not very accurate, the prices are unreasonably high.

Spell Check Plus

Spell Check Plus is a very simple grammar and spelling checker writers and students can use online. Our tests showed that it effectively finds misspelled words and simple grammatical issues, but fails to notice more serious issues. It also leaves punctuation errors unchecked.


  • It is very simple.


  • It has a rather limited functionality.

Price – Free.

Interface – User-friendly, simple.

Functionality – Very limited.

Usability – Primarily appeals to students.

Accuracy – Accurate in searching misspelled words or simple mistakes like lack of proper capitalization. As for more serious mistakes, this tool is too weak.

While it may be good for a quick check with the aim of getting rid of misspelled words, the tool will not benefit people who make lots of more serious mistakes because of its limited functionality.


AResearchGuide is a completely free grammar scanner that primarily created for student writers. It effectively corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing style. ARessearchGuide uses colors to mark different kinds of mistakes in the text, which is very convenient. This tool is particularly good in checking pieces of academic writing. It has no limitations: users run as many checks as they need.


  • Completely free;
  • There are no word count limitations;
  • There are no check limitations;
  • Good alternative to a human editor


  • There are no add-ons.

Price – Completely free of charge.

Interface – User-friendly, convenient, easy to use.

Functionality – There are no add-ons, it’s only available online.

Usability – Universal, but it’s particularly good for students and writers.

Accuracy – Very accurate in finding mistakes in academic papers.

Our tests suggest that AResearchGuide is a very accurate grammar checker that is particularly good for writers or students. We definitely recommend it as the best free grammar checker for academic papers.

Consider Your Needs When Choosing the Best Option

Our tests showed that almost every grammar checker we reviewed has features that users find valuable. Rather than recommending you only one checker, we suggest you consider your personal needs first. If you are interested in producing a readable content for your blog, then consider Hemingway Editor. If your English is very good or you just need to check spelling, then even Spell Check Plus will do for you. But if you need to check grammar in your academic paper, we suggest AResearchGuide as the best grammar checker online. It will find all spelling, grammar, punctuation, or writing style errors, providing relevant suggestions for each of them. If you aim at improving your academic writing, then AResearchGuide is your best option!