Child Labor in the Chocolate Industry

Child labor is one of the most disturbing incidences across the world, especially in the developing nations. Employers prefer to work with children due to the fact that they won’t incur much expenses. Children lack the negotiation skills at the time of landing their jobs therefore the employer will make sure that they quote the least wages possible. Labor child can be of greater importance to the employer because they are guaranteed extra working hours, greater market coverage since children are agile enough to cover wide areas in search for clients. Children tend to embrace labor when they feel that their parents are not supportive enough or when they want to fulfill the ego of being self-supportive. The essay will focus on the child labor in the chocolate industry, addressing its purpose, how well is the product known and whether the production of the product is able to satisfy the target market. The paper will also address the marketing strategies employed in the marketing of the product.

Chocolates are arguably one of the most consumed products in the country primarily due their delicious nature. The product is highly preferred by children, who usually joke around about how awesome their specific brands are. “they, therefore happen to be largest target market as far as the product is concerned” Schrage,et el, 17 .chocolates are usually enriched with favorable ingredients for children and that’s why they bring about the sumptuous effect content to them, “with the contents of milk, sugar and cocoa butter that enhances chocolate’s flavor and mouth feel” Schrage,et el,56. Lecithin, an emulsifier is also brought into the mix to ensure that the ingredients blends together. Vanilla is also another very key component for the product whereas fruits, nuts and other add-ins are considered for specialty chocolates.

Chocolate has become one of the most popular food stuff across the globe with it being molded into different shapes by the manufacturers so as to suit different needs. For example, it can enriched on birth day cakes. Also desserts, pudding, chip cookies and candies are made or coated with chocolate to make them more sumptuous and attractive.Chocolates are usually branded based on the ingredients that have been  incorporated. For white chocolate does not contain the cocoa solids but has most of the other ingridients while on the other hand,milk chocolate is richly filled with milk product.

The cocoa product,which is avery important ingredient is largely produced outside the USA and especially Coted’vore, a west African country. This is where the child labor has been grossly abused as children are heavily made to work at the cocoa some instance, there has been children trafficking were kids have been enslaved into these farms. Cocoa is then distributed to other parts of the world,whre its used as a raw product for production of other substances. For example USA imports the product for chocolate production and other products.child labor,though contributes significantly to the countries’ economy,is a clear violation of their rights in some therefore ought to be utilized in a humane manner.

Child labor has been considered pivotal by manufacturers in the product –cycle, as far as chocolate is concerned.children are not usually used in the technical aspect of the production such as the ingredient mixture,preparation and analysis of the market segments.they mostly come into play when the product is being packaged and distributed to the target markets.child labor is engaged in packaging of the product,under the supervion of the manufacturers stuff to ensure that the packages are in order.though the product is first hand-packed,its later sealed with a sealing machine for complete coverage to ensure sanity and attractive.every manufacturer has specic guidelines made to ensure that product reach the desired package.

Marketing strategies are a key determinant on the number of sales that the manufacturers are likely to make.therefore,child labor is heavily engaged under this category,where they usually go around the targeted markets to mobilize of the targeted group are fellow children who usually prefer chocolate coated products and most importantly during their birthdays.children are considered a special group in the society therefore,majority of the targeted markets are likely to listen to them as they speak than to adults hence capturing them as clients.the televisions is another marketing venue where children tend to be useful by elaborating to the viewers’ how  awesome the product is to people therefore winning more market segments.

Chocolate manufacturers are able to meet the market demand by conducting an in-depth  supply-demand analysis.this is done determining how much of the product a certain area has been consuming and then distribute the product on that basis.therefore,the manufacturers will heavily depend on the previous distribution statistics to dermine the topographic demand before supplying their chocolates.the supply-demand analysis is crucial because it enables themanufacturer to forecast their production and distribution cases where new markets have been identified,that’s where they take risks in the distribution but can still satisfy the population through surplus production.

Incoclusion,child labor has contributed immensely in the chocolate production industry in terms of raw material production and the marketing area.however,manufacturersneed to be realistic in utilization of children efforts in their business.overusing them will actually make them weak and unproductive or even subject them to health their compensation,they need to be rewarded equally well as the adults because their efforts are paramount to their business.they should treat everyone equally.

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