Effects of E-Commerce to the Motor Vehicle Industry in Japan

Research proposal on information technology


The field of technology has witnessed enormous changes over the past decades. Notably, technology has been growing at a high speed with its impacts been evident in the various sectors of the economy. Major sectors that have greatly been impacted by technology include; education and research, trade and industry and communication. Most importantly, great effects have been observed in the trade industry. The growth of e-commerce platforms for instance has seen major changes in trade and industry sectors across the world.

E-commerce entails the practice of exchanging goods and services by use of technology and internet. Various platforms of electronic commerce are currently available across the globe. Some common models include; business to business model commonly known as B 2 B electronic commerce, business to customer e-commerce (B 2 C) and customer to business (C 2 B) (Chaffey, 2007). It’s worth noting that, the growth of electronic commerce roots from advancement in internet technologies. As a matter of fact, Japan is among the major countries of the world that have embraced e-commerce especially in the motor vehicle industry. This research proposal focuses at exploring the impacts of e-commerce platforms in motor vehicle industry in Japan.

Research questions


The main question that will be analyzed by this research is; what are the impacts of e-commerce to the motor vehicle industry in Japan?

Guiding questions

Three main questions will narrow down the research, these include:

  • What is the current status of Japans motor vehicle industry with reference to e-commerce?
  • How has e-commerce influenced service delivery and customer loyalty in the country’s motor vehicle industry?
  • How has e-commerce influenced the country’s economic status of the country?

Conceptual framework

Since the objectives of the proposed research is to examine the impacts of e-commerce to the motor vehicle industry in Japan, the research would embrace both qualitative and quantitative methods. The qualitative approach will assess the significant changes observable in the country’s economy following the adoption of e-commerce based transactions in the motor vehicle industry (Berg, 2004).

In the light of assessment of qualitative aspects of growth in the economy, standards of living, poverty levels and unemployment will be compared across different periods. Quantitative approaches on the other hand will explore the trend of sales across time. It is anticipated that through these approaches, different thematic concerns would develop to unravel the central research question and pave way for measures to better the current situation.

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