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Research Paper Examples on Economics

How Law of Supply and Law of Demand Correspond With Eachother?

Introduction Supply and demand are the basic and most essential concepts of economics. They provide the stamina of a market in an economy. Demand is a term used to describe the amount of commodity or service needed by buyers in the market. It refers to the quantity of a commodity or service individuals are willing and able to pay for...

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Problems that Nurses Face in Their Work Place

A nurse is a professional that deals with managing of patient’s health care. It requires sacrifice and dedication to ensure the patients get quality healthcare. However, it is a profession faced by many challenges in the course of duty (Corsaro, 2011). One ought to deal with these challenges in a professional way to ensure efficient health care is always provided...

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Counterfeit Products in the Apparel and Textile Industry

Introduction Counterfeiting is creating or designing an exact imitation of something valuable with an anticipated outcome that is intended to defraud or deceive. In other words, counterfeiting is finally a violation of the legal rights of a proprietor of intellectual belonging. It includes any goods not leaving out the packaging, which conveys unauthorized trademark alike to the brand with valid...

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Campaign Financing

Campaign financing refers to raising of funds with a goal of promoting political parties, candidates or policies during elections, party organization, party actions, ingenuities and reforms. Though most campaign expenditure is privately funded, public financing is accessible for succeeding presidential candidates of the United States in the general elections and primaries. Political campaigns have numerous spending responsibilities such as political...

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Effects of E-Commerce to the Motor Vehicle Industry in Japan

Research proposal on information technology Introduction The field of technology has witnessed enormous changes over the past decades. Notably, technology has been growing at a high speed with its impacts been evident in the various sectors of the economy. Major sectors that have greatly been impacted by technology include; education and research, trade and industry and communication. Most importantly, great...

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A Study of the Natural Gas Industry’s Marketization Process – Models, Trajectory and Policy Instruments

Abstract Since the mid-1980s, the structure of the natural gas industry has evolved dramatically. About a hundred years ago, the structure of the natural gas industry was less complex with few options for natural gas delivery. Natural gas has become increasingly fashionable in recent years. This paper analyzes the policy instruments in four typical countries in order to identify similar...

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Analysis of the Democratic and Participatory Budgeting

Section 1.0 Introduction Since the Congo picked up freedom in 1960, progressions have been associated with being fixed to ethnic conflicts, uniquely the political and social transformations. In 1959 when the nation was still under the control of the frontier force, rough conflicts contradicted the inhabitants of the Pool locale to those in the northern areas (Ulimwengu 2009). This contention...

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