Why You Need Creative Writing Prompts and Where to Find Them

For those who may lack a natural passion for writing it can be rather tedious. This rings especially true for anyone trying to overcome writer’s block as a creative writing deadline nears closer.

In order to get the creative wheels spinning, writers are often encouraged to make use of writing prompts in order to generate ideas. Granted, the only true way to really improve your writing skills is to write whenever the opportunity to do so presents itself. Regular writing has been proven to lead to tremendous improvements in both creativity and analytical skills. As with anything else, consistent practice makes writing easier and more enjoyable.

In the proceeding article you will find examples and topics that you can use to improve your writing skills.

Creative Writing Ideas – A Few Useful Samples

Creative writing is often a form of self-expression, an opportunity to bring your imagination to life in the form of poetry, short story writing, a movie script, a journal entry, a play, etc.

Here are 15 creative writing prompts that you can use to inspire your own creative writing prowess.

  1. Consider a time when something so crazy happened that it felt as if the world might end. Now, imagine what might have happened if the world really did end.
  2. Pick a random object somewhere near you. Write about the life of that object. Where did it come from? Who owned it before you? How was it made? How did you end up with it?
  3. Write about the life and times of the imaginary friend you had when you were five years old.
  4. Think about the best movie you’ve ever seen. Rewrite it, only with zombies or on a different planet.
  5. Disconnect from your cellphone or all of your social media accounts for one week, write about your experiences.
  6. Recall a vivid dream you had and write about it in as much detail as possible. What happened to you when you woke up?
  7. Write a story about a mythical creature going to middle school.
  8. Empty your purse or backpack. Write a story about the usefulness of the objects you find.
  9. Pick a random book, find a random page, select a random word. Wrote a story involving that word.
  10. Pick the most boring activity you can think of and write a story where it becomes exciting.
  11. Write a parody of a family reunion.
  12. Find an image online or around you and write about it.
  13. Write a story about your favourite band.
  14. Write a story narrated by your pet goldfish.
  15. Rewrite a story that you wrote in grade school

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Some Writing Prompts for Middle School

In middle school is where were really start to put our newly acquired language and literature skills to use. We learn more about verbs and adjectives and are excited to use new descriptors. Prompts that middle schooler might enjoy include:

  1. Write a funny story about your school, only all of the teachers are dogs and all of the students are cats.
  2. Remember a family trip that you went on, write about what happened.
  3. Think of your favourite gift, write about it only give it an unusual purpose.
  4. What do you want to be when you grow up? Write a story about future you.
  5. Recall your favourite toy, write a story where it comes to life and saves the world.

Some Writing Prompts for High School

High School is typically where students begin to develop their real identities. They learn the skills that will carry them through life, start to make plans for future careers and education and explore new social circles, hobbies, and ideas.

Here are a few prompts to guide those in high school.

  1. Write about Homecoming and a rival school.
  2. Consider your future college, pretend that it is on another planet and write about how you will get there.
  3. Discuss your favourite memory as a child, use as much detail as possible.
  4. Talk about a time that you were jealous of someone else. Why were you jealous? What did you learn?
  5. Write about a time that you had to overcome an embarrassing or stressful situation.

Writing Prompts for Adults To Practice When School Is Over

It is wise to continue to practice writing even after the days of school assignments come to an end. This could be done in the form of poems, personal journals or even short stories. Here are some things that an adult might choose to write about:

  1. Think of something that makes you really angry.  Why does it make you angry? How do you feel?
  2. Recall an event that made you particularly sad, write it out as a story.
  3. Is there a time in your life that you regret having done – or not having done – something? Describe the regret you feel and what you would have done differently if given the option.
  4. Write about ‘the one that got away.’ Do you miss this person? Would you speak to them again?
  5. Think about the best day of your life, why was it special, what happened, who were you with?


Understanding Creative Writing Topics

Writing prompts and topics for creative writing can be found everywhere. You might choose to use the Internet or pick lyrics from your favourite song.

Other topics include:

  • Writing a letter to your past or future self
  • Creating an alternate history to a memorable event
  • Rewriting a famous play or fairy tale to include unlikely characters or a new ending
  • Writing the story of your own childhood, only changing the characters to be creatures from another planet or even animals
  • Write about a time you broke an important promise and the outcome of that
  • Finish this: If I could change anything about myself, it would be…
  • Create an object that might change the way people do something in the future. Describe it in great detail.
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