Holland’s Theory of Types


Helping one to make a career decisions has been crucial element in counseling psychology since the time in when it emerged as a profession in academic work. It has continuously been deployed and is currently in use today. Holland’s theory has been of great benefit in trying to put significant measures that have been of great help to generating the knowledge that is mostly related to career development, practice and assessment in today’s live.

The most remarkable explanation based on Holland’s contribution mostly pertains to this personality that is vocational and crucial in work environments (Walsh et al., 2014). The main idea generated by this theory has been that, people have many characteristics of personality types such as being investigative, social, realistic, conventional, enterprising and artistic. The justifications made by Holland shows that people will only enter into the work environment where they can be able to fully exercise their skills and abilities and where they are fully accepted and ready to be incorporated into the workplace.

Theoretical overview

Counseling is the main theme and offers a variety of positive benefits that greatly enhance one’s life to a very great effect. When one explores the thoughts that are given with professionalism, one can be able to gain enough confidence which will finally help in making one feel having the ability to make one feel have the potential to make own decisions that will be productive (Walsh et al., 2014). When thoughts of one person are extremely challenged, it becomes hard for one to make choices that hence the help of confidential relationship and collaborative engagement would work to be able to develop plans that are realistic that would help one move forward efficiently and realize the goals and results that one is looking.

Some of the great benefits that one gets through counseling would include increasing self-awareness and being able to understand oneself entirely. After getting enough advice, one will feel the life being more enjoyable and a good feeling roams in the mind of the people and acceptance is much within oneself (Walsh et al., 2014). It helps one to have direction in life, goals that are achievable and counseling should always not be something that one is supposed to be ashamed of in life.

Theoretical Research

From the research that has been done, nearly everyone faces many challenges in life at some of the critical times in their life. Some of the problems can be critical thus making us feel to need urgent help from the ones that are close to us who are likely to guide us on what we do that is right for our body and can help us to avoid much stress in life. Some of the causes of stress such as uncertainty created about the future, those who have been bereaved due to the loss of their loved one and difficulties that is faced when one is in a relationship make one feel that they guidance from counseling so that they can be able to calm the problems caused to them mentally.

At certain stages of life, help would be needed so that we can address the issues that cause distress emotionally and finally make us feel overwhelmed (Brown, 2015). When taking advice from counselors, the expert assistance helps in identifying problems and helps one in finding ways in which to cope with them well. The ways of solving all the negative issues involve changing of behaviors that may contribute to finding a true means of solving the problem and having the ability to solve the tragedy that is beyond the personal control.

The Benefits of Counseling

Career decisions is one of the main reasons why many people in the current society go to seek advice from senior counselors. There has been the great effort from researchers trying to examine the exact cause of the difficulties that is incurred when one is making a decision about the career. With the proper aim of facilitating the career decision making of a client, the use of assessments and the objective of promoting the effectiveness of face to face counseling is taking center stage of the current employees who are looking for jobs.

The sense one gains when exploring the thoughts that are detrimental to one’s health is crucial because it can relieve one of the problems that may be facing him/her in life (Brown, 2015). Through counseling, one can get greater knowledge about oneself hence enhancing the relationship one will be enjoying with the rest whom they will interact with on their daily services. Furthermore, it helps one to improve self-esteem and recognizes the sense of choice in life.

When one goes through good and experienced counseling from the experts, the realization that life can be enjoyed rather than being endured is seen from the individual. The core reason why people engage in counseling matters is to increase the self-confidentiality and the building collaborative relationship that helps one to have increased understanding of each other. Due to the continued guidance, hope and distress are gotten out of the life of an individual (Swanson et al., 2014).

The many raising situations that we experience in life gives us the feeling of powerless and sometimes can make one see the downside of life in which the recognition of choices becomes unavailable. The real goal of counseling is to help the person to move from the state of insecurity position that one feels in and then moves to a state of feeling that they have full control of their life (Brown, 2015).

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