What is More Important: Family or Friends?

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There is a famous proverb, “blood is thicker than water”. It means that blood relations are stronger and more important than friendships. But that remains a matter of opinion. Friend is someone you choose to be in your life. Whereas, family is inflicted upon you and there is nothing you can do to change it. Unfair, right? But that definitely does not mean family is not important.

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Family is almost

time, uncles give you money when they visit, and aunts tell your mother to let you do stuff.

But it’s not all good. Jealousy is mostly high among family members. Sometimes a feud between relatives passes to the next generation, and the kids end up hating each other instead of playing soccer together. And there are always expectations. Everyone in the family expects you to be a doctor and an engineer at the same time. And when you don’t live up to those expectations you are judged and taunted for the rest of your life.

Friends would never do that. They hardly ever have expectations like that to begin with. They just ‘hope’ you do well enough in life to make a decent living, and treat them to dinner once in a while. Friends will not care if you get a D grade in an exam but they will care if you watch the new episode of your favourite TV show without them. And friends don’t really have much against them.

But in the end both family and friends are almost equally important, with friends having a slight edge over family, because you will be more comfortable sharing anything with your friends without fear of being judged, than with family.

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