Kavanaugh’s Case Vs. Clarence’s Case

What are the key similarities and differences between the two cases? As a matter of fact, these 2 cases have had a lot in common. In both cases, the presidents George H. W. Bush and Donald Trump were part of the Republican party along with being the supporter of the person who was guilty in the cases. According to the common knowledge of the society, a judge duty is to represent law, by impartially justify the situation and response. At least that’s what Judge Kavanaugh contemplates, “A judge must interpret the law, not make the law. A judge must interpret legislation as written,” said Judge Kavanaugh when his nomination was announced in July. Different judges have a different perspective on how a community should be handled. Kavanaugh has his own appearance toward the legislation. Kavanaugh’s against the right of abortion — weaken the right to safe and legal abortions — and he intends to support the restrictions on abortion. Judging from how Kavanaugh aggressively denied and refused to accept the crime, and the several cases that he had rejected, he’s not eligible to be nominated to be the Supreme Court Judge. Simultaneously, Clarence had the same issue, but instead of facing it by admitting the allegations trueness and ask for an apology, he had secretly asked Hill to remain silent so that she wouldn’t put his career in jeopardy. Generally, both of these judges were insisting their innocence while they were both guilty of sexual harassment. In United States society, racism has played a significant role; Black People have been defined and considered to be sexually different in many bases.

In Clarence’s case, both Dr. Hill and Justice Thomas were black; with that being said, if Thomas wasn’t black, his scenario wouldn’t be covered network to network and gavel to gavel. Building up to the previous fact, in his interviews, Thomas mentioned about him being teased as a child because of his dark skin colour, kinky hair, and his pure African American features. Back in the 90s, he was considered to be an African-American who comes from a poor community — not even being a middle-class — and that he wasn’t well educated. In terms of demonstrating the differences between the cases, Clarence has graphically harassed Anita Hill by his inappropriate communication. Kavanaugh was accused of physically harassing Christine Ford, and Deborah Ramirez — the New Yorker magazine ‘broke the news’. When Anita Hill came forward to confess the tragedy that has occurred to her, she was grilled by Republican senators. The senators suggested that she has made up the allegations and was mentally unstable due to her different race. When it comes to making the decision, President Bush mentioned that his race doesn’t matter. He announced his choice and that he supported Clarence by saying “he is the best person available for this position”; afterwards, he became the supreme judge and that he has sworn to defend and protect the constitution United States. The nominee was known to be against affirmative action toward their society, government assistance and insurance for people, and having said that, he was also against welfare — the only thing that mattered at the time was that he was black.

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In Kavanaugh’s case, the accusations were taken under investigation. Apparently, since FBI is in charge of doing background checks on prospective Supreme court judges, Kavanaugh’s case is under investigation while the judiciary simply dropped the allegations for Clarence’s case. Yet, Kavanaugh’s case is under severe investigation, demanded by both parties. How much has society’s views on sexual assault or harassment changed or stayed the same (1991-2018)? Back in the 90s they considered sexual harassment a fraud within the Black Community, and practically everybody knew what was happening, but nobody intended to acknowledge it. In addition that in the 1990s no medium exists to acknowledge the horrifying trauma that has have occurred to these ladies. Fortunately, the #MeToo movement is rooting for women’s rights in which revolutionized the conversation method about sexual assault and the obstacles women face in reporting it. This gives women the opportunity to share the trauma they’ve been through, and to simply express their thoughts and solutions to these tremendous issues.

How do both cases tell us why it is challenging for victims of sexual assault or harassment to come forward? What it takes to step forward is whether a woman has the guts to put her life in risk by sabotaging her career, relationship, and identity, only to confess that they are victims of sexual harassment. For instance, considering Professor Anita Hill’s situation, she put her career, and identity in jeopardy to prove that Judge Clarence was guilty of sexually harassing her. Even though her allegations were rejected by the Supreme Court Judiciary, she had the courage to step forward and make her confession. Their case was considered to be a war between men and women. Christine Ford, also a victim of sexual assault, was asked by the judiciary to be present at the courtroom, or they would drop the allegation; it was her only take-it-or-leave-it chance to speak. Against all odds, she attended the courtroom, putting the blames on Judge Kavanaugh; if it wasn’t her move, perhaps Deborah Ramirez wouldn’t be able to have the courage to claim that she was also a victim. Having said all these elements, on behalf of all the victims, just because a women gender differs from the men gender, it doesn’t mean they have to be treated that way; vice versa, we should all be treated equally. In a practical manner, an unborn baby is a girl, until the 22nd chromosome and that it’s the 23rd chromosome that determines whether a baby is a boy or a girl. Either way, emphasizing the importance of gender equality, actions must be taken in order to settle this down once and for all. May this case be the last case of sexual assault and put an end to this worldwide crisis.

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