Lifestyle of Middle Class Young American Women in the Early Nineteenth Century

Ever since the beginning of live women were over looked by their fellow men. They were taken as inferiors who could not carry out certain roles in the society, disrespected and denied some significant rights of human being. This situation did not last forever because in 1900s civilization began to crop in many countries where their rights were violated. Such counties were for instance the North America countries. This civilization was brought in by disorganization and political uneasiness experienced there. The uneasiness saw to it women taking some roles that were not initially theirs.

During this time, myths and society believes dedicated what type of roles were perceived by a certain gender , for instance women were assumed to take the right duties of taking care of their families. They were assumed to play the duties of mothers, housekeepers and servants to their husbands and their children.

In general view, women had been issued with overall role as society moral keepers and nonworking housewives. This situation changed later with the civilization taking over the Northern America. Before these civilization women roles were seen to be entirely manned by their fellow men that are their fathers, brothers, and elder relatives. Their roles were seen depending on the class to which a woman belonged (upper working class, lower class and underclass) most women belonged to the underclass and their perceived general role was to find husband, reproduce and spend their whole life with their husbands.

As years went by in 1900s women role began to change but in a slow pace. These changes were brought by mentioned early civilization when men allowed women to be educated. Their education changed the society in a way because it gave them the opportunity to put into practice their rights. Through practicing their rights, they put in efforts in economical activities of North America .this made the country to move from agrarian home based economy to become an industrialized country.

This was a form a challenge to the society because it was not expected for women to be working in mills that were being opened in north east of America. It was still a big challenge to the society because women were seen acting politically for their own behalf and on other especially in mill where they had been absorbed as workers.

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