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Plastic Ban Essay

Plastic bags have a wide range of usability in our day to day lives. For instance, we use them to carry our foodstuffs from groceries shops, we also use them as gloves to do dirty chores or as knee pads while gardening. We also cover our plants with plastic bags to prevent them from frosting at night. Basically, plastic bags...

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Trees are Our Best Friends

Trees are our best friends. They are the type of friends, who give us everything they got and expect nothing in return. Unfortunately, we over abuse their generosity by our greediness, without much consideration of the repercussions of our actions. Our codependence with trees is actually one sided. We depend on trees, they do not depend on us. Trees have...

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The Pelly Amendment in International Environmental Law

Introduction The Pelly amendment gives the president the mandate to prohibit imported commodities and products from certain countries. The prohibition only targets those countries that allow fishing operations that will undermine the efficacy of international fishery. The president has also been given the authority to direct the Secretary of Treasury to prohibit the importation of fish products. The prohibition will...

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Arctic Drilling – Why It Shouldn′t Happen

The world is facing a lot of changes ranging from ozone layer depletion to rising ocean levels. All the changes that are being experienced are attributed to the daily human activities such as the subsistence activities and economical activities. Among the many human activities being carried is mining. Since time immemorial human beings have carried out mining of natural resources...

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The Need for Alternative Energy

Introduction Since time immemorial, energy has been a very vital component of human existence. Man has for a long time relied entirely on fossil fuels for all their energy needs. The first fossils fuel used by ancient being coal that was commonly used during the industrial revolution across the globe. However, as human population continues to increase; more pressure is...

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