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Social Issues Paper Examples Collection

Forcible Transfer of Population: the Creation of Israel and Transfer of Palestinians

Abstract This paper discusses the issues regarding forcible population transfer in Palestine. It indicates that more than one third of entire Palestine’s were forcibly transferred in West Bank in 2011, were residents of Jordan valley, around 60% of whom were young children. In addition, it also notes the biased nature of the Israel’s policies led to striking inequity of water...

Words: 1014 | Pages: 5

RFID – Privacy and Security

Introduction RFID or Radio frequency identification refers to expertise that is turning out to become more readily accessible. It is presently applied in the identification of dogs and cats in addition to trailing inorganic substances throughout the world through the use of electronic products policy standard. Experiments are at present in progress that involves the execution of RFID transponders in...

Words: 252 | Pages: 2

Hypocrisy of U.S. Human Rights Policy on North and South Korea

There has never been a perfect government. One of the primary principles of democracy is that its defects are always visible and certain democratic procedures can be pointed out and easily corrected. This must have been the policy of United States to support free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed militias. On October 7th, 1944, Kim Ju-Yeol was...

Words: 4328 | Pages: 19

Urban Exploring

INTRODUCTION Urban exploring entails the exploration, discovering and often photographing of urban features. Often urban exploration gives greater focus on more offbeat areas of human civilization that are found in both modern and ancient urban areas. According to Garrett (2012), the activities that surround urban exploration are of far greater scope than the exploration of ancient and abandoned buildings. He...

Words: 2325 | Pages: 10

Mass Population of Incarcerated African American Males

Incarceration of Black Males in the United States Introduction The police and other law enforcement officers are approved by the government, state, and nearby officials to capture and restrict persons associated with law violations. The legal framework is adopted to restrict the people sentenced due to unlawful acts. This control, whether before or after a criminal conviction, is called detainment...

Words: 2264 | Pages: 10

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