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Informative Speech about Friendship Day

The common task of the course of public speaking is to prepare the informative speech about friendship. But sometimes it seems that everything that could be said about friendship was already said by someone else. The definition of friendship, the comparison of love and friendship, the best friendship examples from personal experience… Just imagining that you are the last one in the class to...

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The Ritual Ceremony

Introduction I was ones watching a talk in the television by Kelli Swazey a motivational speaker who happened to present in one of the programs known as the TED. She was giving a story about a certain kind of a ritual ceremony that is conducted by a community in Indonesia called the Toraja. This ritual ceremony is known to be...

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Cross-Cultural Communications: The Difference in Nonverbal Behaviors between Spaniards and Americans

Abstract Communication entails non-verbal cues in addition to exchange of words (Verbal). The main purpose of communication is to pass information from one person to another. However, people experience different barriers such as language and poor understanding of gestures. In this paper, the communication across different cultures will be studied. The cultures of interests are Spaniards and Americans. The common...

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Gender and Genocide

Introduction Human engage in conflicts which are usually resolved by dialogue or otherwise escalate to unprecedented war levels. Prolonged wars and conflicts have negative effects on the people involved directly or indirectly (Bock, 2008). The mass killings and persecution of vulnerable persons constitutes to genocide. The 1948 Geneva convention after the second world war described genocide as mass killing of...

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Seinfeld’s Influence on Generational Stereotypes

The first Seinfeld episode was aired live in 1989; people of this time enjoyed this episode where people could not wait the ninth episode before rating it as the best episode ever. People of this time enjoyed Seinfeld comedy which has no meaning in today’s life as far as comedy is concerned. However, the Seinfeld is used in many ways...

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The Impact of Social Media on Business Communication

Breed-specific legislation Breed-specific legislation refers to a type of laws and regulations that are passed by a legislative body and is concerned with a particular breed or breeds of domestic animals. This law restricts or bans certain breeds of mongrels depending on their physical appearance, generally because they are perceived to be dangerous types or breeds of dogs such as...

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International Financial Reporting Standards: an Analysis from Deutsche Bank

History of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is referred to as the bookkeeping standards that are laid down by an organization which is non profit and is independent called International Accounting Standard Board (IASB). These financial standards are set as a universal communications system for all the businesses; this makes it very easy for financial...

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Afghan Ethnic Group-Pashtuns

The Pashtuns are primarily found in Afghanistan and they make up one of the largest groups in the country. The ethnic group consists of more than sixty tribes that are spread mostly in the eastern and southern parts of Afghanistan. This large ethnic group is subdivided into sub-groups which have been involved in wars over the last decades. The groups...

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Research a Societal Advancement Started or Advanced by One Person

Several individuals have made significant efforts and decisions that helped them to accomplish various missions in the development of the society. Different societal advancements observed on the planet today emerged as a result of the human effort that aimed at influencing human development in different social settings. This essay will focus on Kailash Satyarthi as one of the individuals that...

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Global Citizenship

During the past years, students have had interests in international studies and this concept has expanded from just a national focus to one of a global focus on civic education with students wanting to engage in responsibilities extended beyond their national boarder. The idea of global citizenship is not new and it bases its origin to ancient Greece although the...

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