SAT Literature Practice Test 3

Directions: This test consists of selections from literary works and questions on their content, form, and style. After each passage or poem, choose the best answer to each question.

Now test your skill on this passage.

1. The word “overlooking” (line 22) is meant to suggest that Mrs. Penniman does which of the following?

A. Ignores Catherine’s talent
B. Teaches Catherine how to play the piano
C. Supervises Catherine’s piano playing
D. Discourages Catherine
E. Hires Catherine’s tutors

2. Which of the following does Mrs. Penniman use metaphorically to talk about her influence on Catherine?

A. Addled eggs
B. Butter
C. Bread
D. Salt
E. A fool

3. What does the author imply by the terms “it must be confessed that she made but a modest figure” (lines 25-26)?

A. Catherine was trim and fit.
B. Catherine was unaware of her talent.
C. Catherine was unlikely to brag.
D. Catherine was a talented dancer.
E. Catherine was just an average dancer.

4. The narrative tone in the above piece can best be described as

A. melodramatic
B. ironic
C. sardonic
D. didactic
E. observant

5. The narrative point of view in the above passage is that of a

A. third person
B. protagonist
C. second person
D. sarcastic first person
E. detached first person

6. In this context, “addled” (line 34) most nearly means

A. confused
B. rotten
C. scrambled
D. burdened
E. useful

Try out some questions about the anonymous poem you read earlier.

7. Which of the following can be found in the poem?

A. Onomatopoeia
B. Ascertainable rhyme scheme
C. Oxymoron
D. Change in perspective
E. Alliteration

8. Which of the following can be inferred from the poem?

A. It is sunset.
B. There will be trouble if she is found in his room.
C. The woman will follow his wishes.
D. They are both hungry.
E. She makes him happy.

QuestionCorrect AnswerYour AnswerResultExplanation
1C00Mrs. Penniman is in charge of Catherine’s lessons, so “supervising” is a good synonym (C). She does not ignore her talent (A), nor does she teach Catherine herself (B). She encourages Catherine (D). We don’t know who hires Catherine’s tutors (E).
2B00“It is I who supply the butter,” says Mrs. Penniman (B). Secrets are compared to addled eggs (A). “Bread” is compared to goodness, not Mrs. Penniman’s influence (C). “The salt of malice” is a phrase and is not being used as a symbol (D). Mrs. Penniman’s influence is not compared to a fool’s (E).
3E00In contrast to her piano talent, Catherine was just fair as a dancer (E). There is no mention of Catherine’s appearance (A). We don’t know if she is aware of her talent (B) or if it is in her character to brag (C). She was not a talented dancer (D).
4E00The narration is observant of Catherine’s qualities and Mrs. Penniman’s thoughts (E). It is not melodramatic (A), nor is there any evidence of irony (B). It is not sardonic (meanly satiric) (C), nor is it particularly didactic (designed to instruct) (D).
5A00The point of view is of an omniscient narrator (A). We don’t know who the protagonist is (B). There is no use of the second-person “you” (C) or of first-person “I” (D) and (E).
6B00In this passage secrets are compared to “addled eggs.” Mrs. Penniman’s little secrets are called an “innocent passion” (line 33) and portrayed as useless, like rotten eggs (B). They are definitely not important or useful (E). Eggs cannot be “confused” (A). Choice (C) is a distractor that wants you to be thinking about the “eggs” portion of “addled eggs.” Don’t fall for it. Don’t confuse “addled” with “saddled” (D).
7B00There is an obvious rhyme scheme: AA, BB, CC, so (B) is the correct answer. There is no onomatopoeia (A) or oxymoron (C). The perspective does not change (D), and alliteration is not used (E).
8E00He says her eyes give off light, and she gives him joy (E). His heart is breaking because they must part, so it’s safe to say that she makes him happy (E). There is mention of sunrise, but not sunset (A). There is no mention of the consequences of being discovered (B). We don’t know what the woman will do (C). There is no mention of hunger (D).

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