Some Tips How to Write an Admission Essay

By now, you likely know how to write a great scholastic essay: you begin with a strong introduction, weave in your thesis statement, uncover three or more paragraphs of evidence to support your argument, and then you tie it all up with a thought provoking conclusion.

All of these things work great if you are writing a private high school essay. But, if you are writing an admission essay for college or university, you might want to reconsider your approach.

Useful Suggestions How to write an admission essay

A college admissions essay is not your typical two page essay, it is more than that. You need to examine examples about yourself, what your best qualities are, and use that to write an essay that leaves a positive impression. You need to be able to speak to your best qualities, showcase who you are outside of someone who achieves excellent grades, does well on tests and leads every extracurricular team they join.

Writing this type of essay – one that shines the spotlight on you – seems scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Put yourself in the shoes of the admissions board, what sort of information can you deliver to make yourself seem unique and interesting in a pile of hundreds of other applicants? Your college admissions essay is your chance to speak about your goals, what drives you, what influences you, the life experiences you’ve had, the lessons you’ve learned and the obstacles you’ve overcomes. Too often, students mistake the intent of an admissions essay as being a need to explain why they would be a good fit for the school and vice versa, but that simply is not the case.

Don’t attempt to fit your entire life story into 700 words or less, instead focus on one key event and use that as the basis of your essay.

Granted, writing is not a skill that comes easy to all, and the admissions panel realizes that. However, with some time and practice, nearly everyone should be able to write an admissions essay that gets them noticed. One of the simplest ways is to work step-by-step and to review free sample essays online to see what is expected.

Continue reading for admission essay tips.

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Getting used to college admission essay format

The majority of college admissions panels want prospective students to provide them with a persuasive argument that proves that the student is capable of adding value to the student body, and can also contribute to the community in a way that upholds the standards of the school.

Admissions essays are structured in three parts: A thesis statement, the body (or supporting information) and, the conclusion.

Thesis Statement: This is your first (and only) opportunity to explain, in three sentences or less, why you believe that you should be admitted to the school and how you would add value to the student body – and the community. The trick is to find balance when describing your greatest attributes, but still working to remain modest. Your thesis statement should serve as an overview of what information you intend to share about yourself.

Supporting Evidence: Next, you will provide three to five relevant pieces of evidence that support the information in your thesis statement. You need to show how you are a person of sound judgement and good character, that you strive to do well academically and in life, and you will want to showcase the qualities you have that will set you apart from the countless other applicants. Your supporting evidence will be the foundation of your entire essay. It will offer up the information that proves that you are a credible applicant.

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The Conclusion: Your closing remarks will provide a summary of your argument. Your conclusion needs to be brief, so as not to waste the time of the readers, but it also has to pack a punch. Remember, you’ve already offered your thesis statement and the necessary supporting evidence, so this is not the time to present any new information. Your conclusion is your final chance to reiterate the value that you will bring to the school, and the community it supports.

What are peculiarities of MBA admission essay

An MBA essay is slightly different than a standard admissions essay. In fact, you might not even need one at all – many business schools are doing away with this practice. But, if our application package states that the essay is OPTIONAL you should ALWAYS write one.

Most business schools that require an MBA essay will be very specific in outlining their requirements, this includes things like word count and prompts. Always follow the instructions, never attempt to pass off a two page essay, when the instructions clearly ask for a one pager.

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When in doubt, follow the five paragraph format for your essay. This means that you will split the content of the essay or paper into five easy to follow paragraphs:

  1. The introduction
  2. The first point
  3. The second point
  4. The third point
  5. The conclusion

Every paragraph should be three to seven sentences in length, with uniformity being key. Meaning, if one paragraph is two sentences, the next one should not be ten sentences and so on.

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Some useful College admission essay examples

The website of Carleton College offers its potential students a number of actual admission essays written by students who were accepted to the college. You can view them here: 

College admission essay prompt

Common Application announces the application prompts to be used by the schools that use their application at the start of every year. The 2017 / 2018 prompts which can provide you with admission essay writing help online.

Sometimes the most difficult part of writing an assignment is to start. If you don’t know what to begin with, you can use the following tips on how to write an introduction to a research paper of any kind.