Tips How to Write an Executive Summary Properly

As you write the summary content, one needs to know the intended audience and what it is that your target audience needs to know by including the important details of your report. You should ensure that you include all the main points in your summary because it is key when it comes to executive summary writing.

It should capture your readers attention. If your business proposal is nice, you’ll need a strong executive summary to enable you convince the potential investor whereas a badly written executive summary will deny you the chance of meeting the investor. It is therefore good to perfect your writing skills on executive summary because it will help you a great deal.

Steps to be followed in executive summary writing include:

  • Review the article by reading through it thoroughly and focus on understanding what the author is saying.
  • As you read, make sure you highlight the major points and ideas. for example, you can look up for the topic sentence, words that are repeated severally and even transition words.
  • Write the summary in your own words. As you write the summary start with the source of information i.e., start with the name of the book and that of the other by doing so someone else will be able to know you are writing about what somebody else had written. You should also use your memory to present the main ideas and also present it to the idea from the author’s point of view.
  • Remember to use a language that is appropriate to a summary. That is, you want whoever is reading to understand that it is someone else’s argument you writing about,so use phrases like “the author says”
  • Reread the what you’ve written from your memory against the notes you had made. If there is something important you had forgotten, you can addit. You also need to present the summary in the order of events rather than jumping from one point to another and eliminate any kind of repetition.
  • Check for any errors.

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Here are a few guidelines on how to write a strong executive summary

  • How to start the executive summary is very important. Executive summaries need to start by the specifics. Identify your company or business name, the contact information and the location.
  • You need to know that an executive summary is a short and brief review of the whole business document. The words “brief” and “review” are the main words here. The executive summary should not in any way be detailed nor should it be a substitute for the original document. Here an abstract gives the reader an overview; the latter gives the reader more of a summary. Keep in mind that each executive summary should be unique in its own way.
  • It should abide by certain styles and basic styles. Certain basic guidelines should apply when writing an executive summary. These include:
    • The paragraphs should be kept short, simple and precise without leaving out any essential and important information.
    • It should make sense even without reading the original report itself. It should start with what you need to capture the reader’s attention and should be followed by factors in chronological order.
    • When writing an executive summary use the language that is best appropriate for the target audience. It should always be kept professional and free from grammatical and spelling errors.
  • State the big problem. An executive summary needs a clearly stated problem. Ensure that a clear definition of the problem has been stated and it should be in understandable terms. If the problem you defined is not so convincing, you will not be able to provide a solution that has an impact.
  • Provide the solution. Any problem needs a solution this applies on writing an executive summary. After you have stated your problem provide a solution. Otherwise, the problem you had first created will not make any sense. You need to provide a solution that solves or tackles the problem.
  • Talk about the target market.  In some cases, the product you are providing definesthe market. If not, you can give a short description of the target market. You should provide a realistic market potential.
  • Think about the major strengths and use bullet point, graphics and headings to the present ideas. It will help the reader easily find what they are looking for.
    • If the information you are presenting is long, you can break it down into short, understandable bullets.
    • When writing an executive summary, you can organize the main idea inform of a heading. This will help the reader familiarize with summary as they get to read it.
    • A well-presented graphic can illustrate the precise nature of the main problem and could help bring out the whole point of the summary.
  • Avoid using any claims or clichés that cannot be supported. Avoid using word s such as “groundbreaking,” “core competency”. This is because they hinder the real meaning and they eventually tend to lose meaning and makes the summary appear vague.

What is an executive summary?

It is good to understand the meaning of an executive summary before you proceed to write. An executive summary is a short writing that summarizes the main document in few words without omitting the main points, so that the reader can have an overview of the whole document in brief without going through the whole of it.

Proper use of executive summary format

It is the format that makes our work appealing to your reader, you have to follow the right format so that the reader can be able to get your points without straining.

When writing executive summaries, it should follow certain guidelines. They include:

  • It should have a captivating introduction. The first paragraph should capture the reader’s attention. This is where you explain about the company, so it needs to be strong.
  • Identify the problem. Any business founded is aimed at solving certain problems. Point out the and explain the issue you intend to solve.
  • Provide a unique solution. Propose solutions to question like, how does your company solve the problem? How is your company different from any other company providing the same services? Explain why your idea is better and how it can solve a problem by making things easier.
  • Prove your claim with evidence. Provide support to how your business will solve the problem.
  • Ask for what you need. Give detailed logistics, for example, how much will itcost? Here you can include the amount you need plus the benefits and returns on investment and over what period.

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Some executive summary examples

It is good to go through different examples of executive summaries because it helps you to advance your skills in writing. Some of the advantages of reading through different examples include:

  • It will improve your workflow- the flow of points in your summary is key, and once you get exposed to different samples you will be able to understand how to encrypt your summary to meet the needs of your readers.
  • It improves your grammar command- once you get to read the work of other authors you will be able to know all the grammar rules, and you will be able to avoid the common grammar errors when it comes to your summary.
  • Improvement of vocabulary- different business plans require different terms in the expression of its points, once you get exposed to different examples you will be able to know the right terms to apply in summary given.
  • The examples also help you to come up with the right format for your work. Executive summary samples help you to know the right formats to be used for different situations as the format is what makes your work impressive.

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Below is an example of an executive summary:

Executive summary on Bothel comprehensive plan

This plan generally gives the effects of different city designs to the community surrounding it come the future. In 2004 there were amendments made to cater to the community needs about the upcoming city designs. The plan is divided into three different designs:

  •    The vision for Bothel
  •    Planning elements of the goals and recommendations as per the stated policies.
  •    Subarea plans for the refinement of the planned elements regarding the business and residential areas.

The plan defines how the land in the city should be allocated to different projects to secure future development. Some of the allocations in summary include:

  •    Single-family residential ranging from 40000 square feet.
  •    Multiple family developments in proximity with the city’s activity
  •    Community retail
  •    Neighbors retail centers

When you go through this guide, you are sure to come up with one of the best executive summaries in case you need an advice from a professional business plan writer you can find one at our website.

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