How to Write a Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay is a genre of an essay that requires one to describe something. The description can be a person, experience, an event, a situation, an emotion or even an adventure. This kind of essay is often telling the reader about an object. A descriptive essay is examiner’s aim to test the ability of the writer to put down what they can see; it also involves one’s ability to use language to express themselves. Descriptive essays are mainly found in university level of education because it prepares students for expressing themselves before their potential employers in the future.

Before coming to the step of writing a descriptive essay, you should first have in mind the format and the requirements of the essay. You have to first picture out about the topic through brainstorming. In brainstorming, one is required to think about the topic and come up with all the things that are related to the topic. You should be writing the ideas down as they come to ensure that you do not forget and the good thing with writing them down is that later during the organization of your essay you can easily know which point comes first to facilitate a good flow of your work.

Language choice is crucial when it comes to descriptive essays; it is not in this essay that you will include many vocabularies in your work to show your prowess and command in English, no, you are required to use simple and understandable language to promote understanding of the scenes. Using so many vocabularies would make your work difficult to understand. In a descriptive essay, you are required to describe scenes or situations, and using simple English makes it simpler for the reader to get the picture of what you are talking about after all the main aim of descriptive essays is to bring the reader to the real situation through your writing. You should also use adjectives appropriately as per their order. Adjectives will serve to improve the image of what you are describing in the mind of the reader.

Extensive use of senses is necessitated in descriptive essays. For you to come up with a good descriptive essay, you should be able to utilize all the senses to involve the reader deeply into what you are describing. There are different senses, and every sense brings different impression in the mind of the reader. The sense of touch is described by using words that describe the surfaces such as smooth or rough when you use this at least; the reader would imaginary feel what you are describing.

There is the sense of taste; this comes in when you are describing some food that was served in an event, you should be able to use descriptive words such as “tasty” to bring the reader directly to the event and know how it tasted. There is the sense of smell; this goes hand in hand with taste when something has a good taste it would have a good aroma. The other senses include hearing and seeing; you should also use good descriptive words to bring the image of what you saw to the mind of the reader.

Emotions and feelings are also important aspects when it comes to descriptions. When you use the appropriate emotions and feelings, you are in a better position to link with the reader on a deeper level. Most readers would want to put themselves in your shoes especially if you are writing a touching story and the only way to ensure the success of the same is the use of descriptive words for emotions and feelings.

Provision of clear impression is also important in descriptive essays. At no point in your essay should the reader find himself or herself asking themselves questions, everything should be clear and to the point. The reader should be satisfied with your description on the topic and not wish for more explanation. Satisfaction of the reader would be achieved when the reader can see the events as it happened to them in reality rather than narration.

Being organized is also important because it dictates the impression of the reader to your work. When you start your essay and in between the paragraphs you mix up emotions inappropriately, you will end up confusing the reader, and she or he may end up not getting your point.

To come up with a good descriptive essay, a great idea is to follow up the following guide;

  • Choose the right topic – choice of topic is key because you should be able to choose a topic which you feel comfortable working on.
  • Create a statement – a thesis is necessary for the writing of descriptive essays because it serves as an outline of what to expect in the body of the essay. Examples of thesis statements for essays can be easily found online.
  • Have the senses right – make sure that you utilize all the five senses in your writing that are necessary to connect with the reader appropriately.
  • Organizing your paragraphs – you should be able to organize your paragraphs so that every paragraph has its description. This is done to ensure easy flow of your work.
  • Writing a good conclusion – the reader should be able to know that you are coming to an end of your essay. In your conclusion, you should write a summary to wrap up the whole essay.
  • The last step is reviewing your essay by reading through to make sure that it flows and to make corrections of a few errors.

Descriptive essay definition

The definition of a descriptive essay has been provided by different people, but it’s clear that all of them center to one major point of creating of an imaginary picture in the mind of the reader. Most of the descriptive essays have good topics hence they are easy to write. There are self-descriptive essays where a writer is put in a position of reporting about the observation made in a certain event or situation. In this case, first person narration is usually applicable to persuade the reader about the reality of events in the essay.

Ideas for descriptive essays

There are different classifications of descriptive essays. Examples of descriptive essays about a person include an essay about some prominent leader in a region. You may be given a topic like a description of an event; this is a good example of the descriptive narrative essay because as a writer you are required to tell a story of the happenings in the event. To come up with ideas for your descriptive essay, you will need to pay attention to every aspect that surrounds what you are describing.

For example, if you are to talk about a certain person, you will need to state the attributes of that individual and the kind of people that he or she interacts with most of the time. Coming up with ideas mainly relies on one’s ability to pay attention to every aspect through observation.

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Using good descriptive words for essays

In descriptive essays, choice of words to describe your topic is critical because it will finally determine the scene that you will create in the examiner’s mind. When you review examples of descriptive essays for high school, you are likely to come across different vocabularies that you can use in order to revamp your essay and upgrade. For you to have a good command of language, you should have to understand a variety of vocabularies that will help you in your description.

Most of these words are usually found in different literature sources such as magazines, novels, and articles. You should expose yourself to extensive reading to come across good descriptive words that will furnish your essay. Good descriptive words in an essay prevent the mix up of the reader because with the right words the reader can be able to understand without asking themselves more questions.

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Examples of descriptive essays

It is good to go through different free examples of descriptive essays on the Internet to improve on the writing of your essays. When you get exposed to different examples, you gain the prowess of formatting your essay to read best because by reading through the work of other writers you can be able to note the mistakes they did and avoid the same when it comes to your own. Due to the advancement of technology, it has been made easy to access different descriptive essays through the Internet; you can find it in books, magazines, articles and even journals.

Examples of descriptive essays include: a description of an event like a wedding ceremony, a description of an object like a historical site, a description of a situation like an accident, a description of a person like the president among others. As a writer, you can be asked to describe anything so long as it contains visible features and attributes. Descriptive essays are not only essential for merit in academics but writing them also helps the leaner to understand how they can describe themselves before people and this skill is key when it comes to search for employment.