Automobiles Have Impacted Modern Day

In the hustle and bustle of every day life, attempting to complete all given tasks, which may or may not be within close proximity to one another, has become fairly difficult and time consuming.  Having increased technology more easily obtained, including automobiles has allowed us to more conveniently and comfortably complete the necessary daily tasks.

Although modern life can be accomplished by way of train, METRO, and other community forms of transportation, the automobile has continued to be a convenience that most individuals enjoy having.  Rather than being required to work around a hard time developed by a mass transit authority, one can plan outings according to when one can be prepared to walk outside of the house/given location.  This allows for a better quality of life, giving individuals more quality time to spend with families versus commuting in mass transit systems.

Quality time with family and friends reigns as a top priority for many people.  Although families could conceivably travel together by way of train, an automobile allows for a more intimate and comfortable setting.  Conversations can remain private between the individuals within the vehicle, allowing for more privacy during one’s commute, versus having onlookers eavesdrop on personal conversations.

Automobiles have impacted modern day society in many ways, however, not only have they increased the convenience of traveling large distances in a short amount of time, but allowed for more quality time with family and friends by decreasing travel and wait time. The automobile, allowing family discussions to take place at other locations other than a dinner table, has also increased quality time.  For these reasons among others, the automobile has improved modern life.

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