Cars and Modern Life Essay

Invention of automobiles over the years has changed peoples’ lives in many ways. Automobiles have greatly revolutionized the way people move from one place to the other through transportation. On the other hand, automobiles have negatively affected the environment, increased health risks to those who rely on them too much, and have also claimed lives of many people through accidents (Pojani & Stead, 2015). This assignment focuses on evaluating effects of automobiles to modern day life.

Effects of Automobiles to Modern Life

Automobiles have made modern-day transportation easier improving people’s lives in the process. Before emergence of automobiles, people took a lot of time to move from one place to the other as they relied on animals to move, which are very slow. Through automobiles, people can conveniently move around in less time and use the time that would have otherwise been spent on transportation to do other productive activities (Pojani & Stead, 2015).

Cars negatively affect the environment through the emission of harmful gases to the environment. This has resulted to global warming that has been experienced through climate change around the word. The other problem associated to automobiles is increase in health risks especially to people who all the time rely on automobiles to move. Finally, automobiles have claimed lives of many people, which is a negative side of automobiles (Pojani & Stead, 2015).

In my view, after evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of automobiles, I feel that automobiles have improved modern life. The associated problems can be controlled by developing effective measure to reduce harmful emissions and to reduce accidents on our roads.


Based on the many benefits and problems associated with automobiles in modern life, automobiles have greatly changed modern life in a positive way.


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