Has the Automobile Improved Modern Life?

Since their very inception, automobiles have helped in improving the overall efficiency of travelling long distances. Through large-scale and commercial production of automobiles, several improvements to modern life have been made. These can generally be characterized as improvements in convenience, transport, safety and utility. However, the number of automobiles across the globe have spearheaded in recent past. As a result, several hazards have also come along. This essay tends to highlight both the advantages and the disadvantages of automobiles.

The first and foremost advantage – perhaps a reason why automobiles were invented – is that they help individuals get from their location to their destination within a short span of time. Automobiles of today are engineered to be efficient and fast. Secondly, automobile owners also get to enjoy the comfort and luxury that comes along. For example, automobiles of today are hi-tech, and equipped with entertainment hubs, touchscreen multifunctional LEDs and other sources for both entertainment and infotainment. On the other hand, latest features such as wireless dock charging and autopilot functions like in the Tesla Model S have further enhanced comfort (Tesla.com, 2017).

Nonetheless, there are a variety of disadvantages of automobiles. One noteworthy disadvantage of an increasing number of automobiles on the road is a rising number of fatal accidents. On a daily basis, thousands of automobiles meet an accident on the streets, causing life damage (Gonzales, 2016). Another major disadvantage of conventional fuel-powered automobiles is the increasing CO2 emissions that are posing severe impacts on the climate. Increased environmental and noise pollution are also among common disadvantages of automobiles. Furthermore, even the hi-tech enhancements meant for increasing comfort and utility are proving dangerous for modern life, as drivers tend to engage in operating these technologies while on the road, increasing the likelihood of accidents. To conclude, it can be stated that automobiles have brought more harm than good. Unless innovative automobiles that are safer, and emit zero CO2 are invented, considering automobiles as an improvement to modern life would be irrational.


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