Automobiles Have Improved Modern Life

Since the first automobile – the Karl Benz – was produced in 1988, it is clearly observable that there has been considerable progress in transport and life as a whole.

First of all, the invention of the automobile significantly improved transportation. In ancient days, people relied on animals to travel from one place to another on land. This form of transport was quite inefficient compared to automobiles. Besides, the use of cars is comfortable. For me, I can commute several miles from home to work every morning and still drop my kids and wife for school and work respectively. Indisputably, traveling in automobiles is more comfortable than train or bus.

Secondly, the auto saves our time and energy. While driving a car, it is possible to travel to even remote areas faster and easier. The energy and personnel used to drive a car is not much; unlike older forms of transport like horses or carts. Additionally, cars relatively consume little fuel and can be maintained cheaply. Compared to trains, for instance, cars travel faster and can swiftly respond emergencies as well as escape danger. Automobiles have been critical in the health and emergency sector because they quickly and efficiently help medics and other emergency teams respond to sickness, disasters or other hazards. The police are known to be resident users of automobiles in their endeavors.

To sum up, I surmise that the automobile has considerably enhanced lives more than any other form of transportation. The ways vehicles are used in regular day to day life are so unique and extraordinary. The disabled are even able to travel alone due to inventions like the ‘smart car.’ The privacy in automobiles is also very crucial to the modern man. No other type of transportation brings so many advantages to our lives than an automobile.