The Country I would Like to Visit

One of the places that amazes me in this universe is the Netherlands. The history and cultural context of the Dutch people fascinates me because this is a society that had to reclaim an entire country from its swampy status to its present flat territory known as Holland today.

The Netherlands is an exciting country because of the freedom that its residents get to enjoy. One can do whatever they like in this nation as long as it does not interfere with any other person’s freedoms and rights enshrined in the constitution. The city of Amsterdam is reputable as a global entertainment hotspot and I would be thrilled to experience the night life that comes with it. The Dutch people are also known to be among the friendliest people in the world, another attraction that would take me to Holland because I am a social being.

It would be thrilling to take a tour in a boat in the waters of the vast water bodies surrounding the various cities in this country. I would cherish every moment that I get to see the famed lighthouses that are scattered across the country’s various harbors. My visit to the Netherlands would not be complete without thronging one of the numerous cafes that have some of the most sumptuous cakes which people get to enjoy as they relax. I believe touring all over the Dutch country would give me the ultimate exposure that would open up my mind and my perception towards different issues and items around the world. I hope my dream of visiting Holland will one day come true because this remains to be the only country that I would give anything to be able to visit, even if it were for a few days.