Question 1

My topic of interest is dementia. It is a medical condition characterized by the loss of memory to the extent that individuals aren’t able to carry out their daily life activities according to Alzheimer’s Association (2016). Dementia cannot be described as a specific disease but as a symptoms groups that affect social, thinking as well as the memory of individuals.

Question 2

My understanding of the condition is that patients with dementia require special treatment to cater to their specific needs. The fact that they have memory loss means that they can’t be able to carry out their daily activities effectively and efficiently. They depend on exceptional care provided to them by family members or healthcare professionals.

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Question 3

The significance of the topic to nursing is that nurses, as well as other healthcare professionals, have the responsibilities of ensuring they can provide quality, effective as well as efficient medical services to the patients. Importantly, the provision of healthcare services via the use of evidence-based practices can significantly assist in improving the healthcare outcome of the patients. The adoption of evidence-based practices can be facilitated through the understanding of different conditions and extensive undertaking of research to determine the best approach to treat these conditions. According to Alzheimer’s Association (2016), estimated 5.4 Americans are living with Alzheimer’s.

The number is expected to increase by the year 2050 to over thirteen million. Elderly patients aged over 65 years of age are the most affected by the disease (Alzheimer’s Association, 2016).The understanding of the condition or symptoms associated with the state will assist healthcare professional to understand ways of managing as well as treatment of the disease. This position is supported by Digby, Lee, and Williams (2017) that patients with Alzheimer’s require special care and this can be made possible by healthcare professionals understanding the condition and patient experience.

Question 4

Two articles were selected after the keyword “Dementia” was employed to search for the articles. The first article chosen was; The experience of people with dementia and nurses in hospital: an integrative review by (Digby, Lee, and Williams (2017).

  • The reason for selecting the article was because it contains an integrated review of the studies conducted by different authors to determine the experience of individuals living with the medical condition.
  • The understanding of the experience is essential for healthcare professionals in ensuring the delivery of healthcare services meets their needs associated with the condition as provided in the review.
  • The review, in this case, contains a diverse knowledge and experience of different authors concerning the situation thus leading to further understanding of the disease as well as ways and possible alternative to address it.

The second article selected, People with dementia and the hospital environment: the view of patients and family carer by Digby and Bloomer (2014). The reason why the article was selected was that:

  • The article contains views of the patients as well as those of the immediate family members who are the carer concerning the best environment needed to ensure patients with dementia can live a comfortable life.
  • The views can guide nurses as well as other healthcare professionals the specific needs of this group of patients thus enabling the provision of better and quality services to the patients. This is critical in improving the health outcome of the patient, especially those who live with the condition.
  • Importantly, the authors provide the questionnaire to patients as well as the carer. The data collected reflect the needs of the patients as well as those of their caregivers.

Question 5

In the first article, the objectives of the author were identification as well as the examination of research on the view of the acute hospital care by the nurses and people with dementia (Digby, Lee, and Williams, 2017). The author intended to find out if critical care provided to the patients met the specific needs of the patients.

The objective of the authors in the second article was to assess or evaluate the view of the inpatients with dementia as well as their corers concerning the design features as well as the environment that they believe are needed for individuals with dementia (Digby and Bloomer, 2014). This was critical in facilitating the understanding of the situation that is required to ensure that patients with dementia can live the quality life.

 Question 6

After reading the two article, my knowledge and understanding of dementia are supported, and I can understand more about the condition. Individuals with dementia require special care and treatment. In the first article, the authors identify the fact that patients with dementia need special treatment that is not provided in an acute primary care setting. The authors found out that nurses struggle to deliver the basic acute care to patients with dementia.

Stigmatization of this group of the patient as well as failure to include the family members when providing the needed treatment is also prevalent (Digby, Lee, and Williams, 2017). In the second article, the authors try to establish the environment necessary to ensure patients with dementia can live a comfortable life. In this case, I was able to learn and understand more. The patients, as well as caregivers, argue that the physical environment isn’t as important as the car provided. The situation should take into consideration the care provided to the patients (Digby and Bloomer, 2014).

Question 7

In the first article, the author’s attempts to research on the quality of acute healthcare services provided to patients with dementia (Digby, Lee, and Williams, 2017). The belief here (Epistemology) is that all the healthcare professionals have the responsibilities of providing quality healthcare services to patients regardless of their medical condition (Digby, Lee, and Williams, 2017). After reviewing the needed articles written on the experience of the patients with the disease, the authors identify that it is different. To begin with, nurses don’t understand what these group of patients need. They are often ignored and stigmatized (Ontology).

In the second article, the authors conduct a qualitative survey via the use of a semi-structured questionnaire to identify environment setting, features, and design, necessary for the patient with dementia (Digby and Bloomer, 2014). In this case, the epistemology basis is that the unique environment is required for patients with dementia. The finding suggests that the patients, as well as their caregivers, worry or they are concern more on the quality of services provided to the patients. In addition to this, they are also concerned with ensuring that the healthcare services offered meet the needs of these patients. The environment matters less even though the privacy of the patient is of concern to them.


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