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Wallenberg’s Syndrome

Wallenberg syndrome is a “rare disease” just because it is not commonly reported. Nevertheless, the disease is real and requires attention like any other more common disease. This syndrome affects the posterior inferior cerebellar artery and/or vertebral artery (Kimura & Lyon, 1972). Once these parts of the brain are affected, a patient may have difficulties in swallowing anything and may...

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Evidenced Based Paper – Diabetes Mellitus

Introduction In its initial state, diabetes was discovered at around 1500 B.C.E. Its first discovery was done by Europeans although they viewed it as a condition that was completely rare since a person lost a lot of weight and excessively urinated. An experiment done by Matthew Dobson in 1776 proved that glucose concentration in the urine had increased in a...

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Breast Cancer and Pregnancy

Cancer is a type of disease which is characterized by uncontrollable cell growth. Currently, there is over 100 different type of cancers, and these types are classified according to the type of cells in which they initially grow. Cancer cause harm to body by leading to an uncontrollable cell division that forms masses of tissues known as tumors though types...

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Nursing Oncology

Abstract Clinical weakness has been established a major course of muscle weakness in the long run hence weakening the functionality of the elderly as a result of mechanical ventilation. This article aims to appraise the physiological reactions to a timely consistent flaccid exercise protocol with an objective of preventing muscle weakness especially in adults who require mechanical ventilation. Mechanical ventilation...

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Elizabethan World View

Introduction William Harvey can be credited as one the leading individuals in cardiology within the 17th century. Whereas he had predecessors, much of the discovery of blood circulation is owed to him. Secondly, around 2,500 years ago in Greek medicine it was believed that in order to keep health, people required a level equilibrium of the four body fluids: blood,...

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Clay Hunt SAV Act 203

Introduction Approximately twenty-two American veterans take a decision of committing suicide daily. This statistics amounts to around eight thousand and thirty veterans committing suicide annually. This Act was named after one of the Marine Corporal Clay Hunt originating from Houston Texas. He worked in Afghanistan and Iraq after which he ventured into assisting the veterans after his warfare tours (Heller,...

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Role of Emotions in Memory and Learning

Introduction Think back to one of your earliest memories, perhaps a memory of being frightened as a young child, or being delighted by a new experience or sensation. Why is it that we remember certain events in our life that are triggered by a deep or intense emotion, but we cannot remember what we had for lunch last Tuesday? The...

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Epilepsy Warning

Epilepsy refers to a brain disorder that causes severe seizures (Shorvon, 2010). A seizure is defined as distinct changes in sensation and awareness that are caused by the electrical disturbances in the brains (Shorvon, 2010). In relation to epilepsy, the seizures usually recur and they do not have any fundamental cause whereas a seizure that takes place because of the...

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Modern Computer Technologies for Autism

ABSTRACT Autism is a permanent developmental disability that influences and affects how an individual communicates, relates and lives with other people. It affects the capability of the affected individual in making sense of his immediate world. From a scientific point of view, it is a neurological disorder that affects the growth of an infant. It comes in both mild and...

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Importance of Low Dose Aspirin in Cardiac Health

Abstract This work comprises an annotated bibliography that explores various aspects of aspirin as a primary or secondary treatment for coronary heart diseases. With this respect, the paper combines various journals about aspirin with regard to cardiovascular diseases treatment, assessing the various aspects of the treatment such as cost-effectiveness, when in comparison with clopidogrel. Additionally, the paper illustrates the benefits...

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