How to Make an Essay Longer

How to increase word count and lengthen your essay

The length of your essay is usually determined by the number of words that you type or write. When it comes to essay writing, the length of the essay is important because it usually falls among one of the instructions given by your examiner. Some people usually try to cover up the pages by increasing the font for an essay, others move out of topic, but this is not recommended, as it would be exaggeration. Instead, you should be able to know the tricks to lengthen your work.

At times, you may be given a topic that has insufficient points; this usually disadvantages you because your points get finished whereas you are supposed to meet the paper word limit. You may be given a 1000-word essay, and you get stuck while at 500 words, but at the end of the day, you should meet the length of the paper to satisfy your examiner; this calls for you to know how to lengthen your paper. There are many ways on how to extend an essay and make your paper look longer.

You can increase your word count by clarifying your statement. When you put down your points, you should be able to describe them vividly to the reader by use of descriptive words that match with your topic. You will need to describe everything that you are writing about to the reader. The best way to expound on your description is by giving a brief background of what you are talking about. In writing of a background about something, you need to have some factual evidence to support your statements to make meaning to the reader. You have to learn how to use descriptive words, and you should not overuse it in your sentences because too much of it makes your work boring.

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Apply quotes in your paragraphs that relate to what you are writing on. While writing your essay, do use quotes to match your description. In constituting quotes in your work, you have to state the quote first, then explain its meaning while relating with what you are talking about in your sentences. Quotes will serve as a filler to your essay by increasing the word count. So, to come up with quotes that rhyme with what you are writing about you have to go through various quotes and understand their meanings to make their application easy.

Avoid generalization and use of pronouns. Pronouns are usually words that stand in for a subject and object in a sentence; instead of using pronouns go straight and state the subjects and objects in your sentences. For example, you may be mentioning a list of board members who attended a certain meeting, instead of referring to them using ‘they’. Go ahead and mention each who attended the occasion and you will have increased your word count and that is not a crime at all, it’s an alternative way of doing the same, but you will have saved your essay length.

Write a longer introduction and conclusion. The introduction of an essay is usually short, but you can choose to lengthen your introduction by giving a small history about the origin of the topic you are writing. When you conclude, make sure that you touch on every point you had talked in your body but in the summary form. You have to learn how to add words to your conclusion; after finishing the conclusion, you can read through and know exactly where to add words to your sentences.

Give alternative views and examples to your arguments. While explaining your points, you should give different versions of the same point and explain each independently. Especially for an argumentative essay which is common, you should give opinions of different people concerning a certain point, then give a stand. After giving your points, you should also provide examples that relate to what you are talking about: say, same scenarios that happened before but they share the theme you are writing the essay about.

We have created basic guidelines on how to make an outline for research paper, which is the preliminary step before starting your research paper.

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How to make a one-page essay longer (period tricks)

You may have finished your essay but unfortunately, the instructions of the paper requires you to increase the words to meet the minimum limit. There are many ways to make your essay longer. One of the ways of lengthening your essay is by increasing the font of the comas and periods. By making periods bigger, more space is occupied, and your essay appears to be longer. Periods are made bigger by increasing their font size up to 14.

You can also increase your essay length by increasing the spacing of your lines and words. Most of the essays are usually double spaced but when you find you cannot reach the pages required you can format your work by increasing the spacing to 2.5pt, whereby there won’t be any big change and you will have attained your targeted pages.

Increasing your headers and title length. You can also choose to increase the length of your headers so that you can occupy more space hence more pages. Most of the essays usually have short headings; it is your responsibility to increase the length of the heading by constituting descriptive words that suit titles. You can choose to write your heading in form of a sentence or  question to attract the reader’s attention. A heading can be in form of a proverb instead of a single word.

Skip a line to mark the start of a new paragraph. There are many ways to start a new paragraph while writing an essay and the most common method is moving some inches away from the margin line. You can decide to skip a line as an indication of starting a new paragraph, and this method makes your work look neat. Organization of your work is essential if you wish to score highly in your essay writing and this is necessitated by good paragraphing.

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You should learn to separate your points. To come up with a longer essay, learn the art of separating your points into short sentences and use more descriptive words while explaining to the reader. Avoid long sentences because, when you write a long sentence you tend to summarize many points which should have been placed each in its sentence.

Increasing the size of your margin will also increase the length of your essay a great deal. The margins of a page are usually the spaces left on the sides, the top and the bottom of a page; once you increase the size of your page margin, then definitely the words would have to rearrange and thereby increase the number of pages.

You should also constitute a separate cover page for your essay; most people usually write their identification details on the same page where the essay starts, but you are supposed to write a cover page separate from where you start your writing.

Lastly, you should always go back to your rubric and read through all the needs for the essay, then come and proofread your work so that you can add words where needed and you will have achieved lengthening of your essay.

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