Simple and Understandable Tips on How to Start a Presentation

In every presentation, either a college presentation, high school presentation or a corporate presentation the audience is usually made of people with their problems. Often, they come with their troubles, ideas, and concerns. This means that to ensure that they flow with you in your presentation; you must remove them from their thoughts or wake them up so that they can engage with your topic from the word go. In other words, you need to catch the attention of your audience at the beginning of your presentation.

How and where to start your feature presentation

You have been asking yourself, how best you can ensure that you catch the attention of your audience at the start of your presentation. The following are a number of ideas you can apply to bring your listeners on board:

  • Be dramatic

Enter the stage in a dramatic manner. Walk on the stage then find one person in the audience and make an eye contact with him/her for almost 5 seconds. This will make the anticipation of your audience grow and foster their listening

  • Make a short introduction

Your introduction should not be very long. Make a short introduction and jump straight to the main topic. You can end up boring your audience with a long intro. When doing your paper presentation in high school or college, you must make your intro brief and straight to the point.

  • Begin with a Prop

A prop is very effective in making your audience curious. In one TEDx Conference, Bill Gate started with a prop. He wanted to make a point on malaria. This is very important as it helps the audience connect with the message you are trying to put up.

  • Tell a story

This is one of the most common ways of starting a presentation. It is a very useful tool; however, many people have not yet discovered it. A story can work magic for you. It is important to choose a story that is relevant to the topic that you want to put across. This will enable you to switch the minds of your audience to what you are going to present to them.

  • Start with a question

Questions are also very important in a presentation. It is a way of connecting with the audience. It also helps in understanding the kind of audience you are dealing with. You can choose to make the question rhetoric or enrolling. A rhetoric question will keep the listener engaged as he/she will follow in order to get the answer when you mention it. An enrolling question enables you to know whether or not you should touch on something.

These are just some of the ideas you can apply in starting your presentation on a high note. It helps in getting the audience engaged.

Feature of a Presentation

In any formal presentation, featured presentations and individual slides should be highlighted. Apart from that, you might be looking for some good slide deck to help you create a slideshow to flash an essential message in an event or be displayed on a monitor to welcome the guest. We have the best Animated Featured Presentation PowerPoint Template that has been prepared just for you. It is an elegant presentation template that has slides perfectly designed for your important events.

Understanding presentation writing format

Your presentation outline should be structured with three parts, the introduction, the body and a conclusion.

You should write your presentation in such a way that it will have the maximum impact on your audience in terms sending the message and the ability of the audience to understand.

You should have a catchy introduction that will be able to win the attention of the audience and get them from their lives to the where you are, that is the place of your analysis.

The body should be made up of the main ideas you want to share with your audience. You, therefore, need to organize your main points and provide support for every claim.

Lastly, you need to finish your conclusion part. This is where you make your final say on all the issues that you have raised in the presentation. It is also an opportunity where you can make an excellent last impression and end your presentation on a positive note.

Making use of poster presentation

Posters have been widely accepted not only in the academic community but also the in the corporate world as poster presentations are always included in conferences. A poster is usually a mixture of text that is mixed with pictures, graphs, tables and other presentations formats.

The following makes up a good poster:

  • clear text and to the point
  • short and catchy title
  • has more than 300 but less than 800 words
  • relevant information should be easily readable
  • proper use of numbering, bullets, and headlines
  • effective use of fonts, color, and graphics
  • clean and consistent layout

Making your presentation background work

It is evident that the background of your PowerPoint presentation matters. Some factors make a particular PowerPoint design look good, but one factor that has always been overlooked is the PowerPoint slide background design.

The default background for a PowerPoint slide is white. Many people tend to use it when in a hurry because there is no time to add different backgrounds. But if you want to have an impressive presentation, then you have to think out of the box and come up with creative presentation ideas.

The following are the reason why your PowerPoint’s background matters:

  1. A good background makes the elements in your slide come alive
  2. It also brings in texture to the presentation
  3. A good background makes the presentation more interesting
  4. A nice background enables the audience get to connect with the subject

Benefits of using presentation templates (clarified)

Benefits of using our Presentation Templates:

There are a number of benefits that come with using our PowerPoint templates and slide designs that have already been made for presentations. These include:

  •    It saves your time and efforts. We have already done everything for you; focus on the content of your presentation
  •    They are compatible with all the PowerPoint versions
  •    They come with great backgrounds, PowerPoint themes, photos and catchy slides that will surely impress your audience
  •    They are easily convertible to Google Slides, OpenOffice, and Keynotes

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