Simple Tips How to Write a 2 Week Notice Letter

Once you have made a decision that you want to leave your job, it is obvious that you must give your employer a two-week notice. Regardless of the reasons that have pushed to leaving that job, two weeks is the standard time, because your employer needs to make plans on how to fill your position. This is to say that; your employer might need some time to reassign your duties to other employees or equally hire another person.

Different companies have different policies; others may want you to leave immediately after receiving your resignation letter while others will leave you to stay until the date you have stated in your letter of resignation. In most cases, companies prefer that their employees hang on for some time so that they can help in the transition process. This is also a better opportunity for you to demonstrate how you are a professional and make your exit a positive one.

This article provides a guide on the contents of your notice for work resignation and how to state them, how to format your two-week notice and finally how to hand in the same. Also, the article will provide samples that you can use as templates to prepare your notice for job resignation.

Statements Contents and How to State Them

  • Your statements should be short and to the point

In your first line, make your intentions clear; state that in two-week time, you will be leaving your job position. Using too many words will suggest that you doubt your decision and you can change your mind in case convinced otherwise.

For example:

I at this moment submit my resignation letter as the Managing Director at Nile Enterprise, effective (state the date), two weeks from (state the current date).

  • Your notice should come at least 2 weeks prior

Try as much as possible to ensure that you serve your employer the notice for resignation two weeks prior. In as much as many employers don’t follow this routine, this is a sign of professional courtesy.

The general rule that you should follow is that the amount of time you give should be equal to the time you are given for vacation. If your vacation is 2 weeks, then your notice should come 2 weeks prior.

  • State your reason in a diplomatic manner

If the reasons for your resignation are not quite good, you can consider not stating them. Regardless of how bad you feel about your job are the treatment from your, you don’t have to let it out in your 2-week notice.

Try as much as possible to keep your 2-week notice brief, very general, and above all, it should portray professionalism.

Consider the following:

  • If it is not a requirement to state the reasons for leaving, then keep off from stating one
  • If you intend to apply for another position in the same company, it is good to state the reasons so that you improve your credibility
  • Have a good reason to share with either your co-workers or supervisors in case they ask you why you are quitting. This should not be necessarily included in your resignation letter.
  • Your letter should be formal and friendly

A 2-week notice is just like any other formal business letter hence it needs to have a professional tone, but don’t be too formal such that you are going to been seen as cold. Try to adopt a friendly tone, especially the one you always use when interacting with your employer.

This is to say, use a tone depending on how you always interact with your employer. If your communications are just professional, then be professional in your letter, if your interactions are personal, don’t be afraid to be personal in the letter. Just ensure that your 2-week notice is not so casual.

For example:

I am grateful for the opportunity offered to me by you; it has made me grow both personally and professionally.

  • Be Positive

Your resignation letter is a very important document in your professional career. It gives a true impression of who you are. In your 2-week notice, you need to ensure that it gives a good impression of you. Note that this might be the last communication between you and your employer so instead of destroying the working relations, try as much as possible to leave it as intact as possible.

Remember that you will at one point need this employer to recommend you. So, you better give him/her a reason to give you a positive recommendation.

  • Show gratitude

Your 2-week notice should show how grateful you are for the job opportunity you were offered by your employer. Make sure that you include a line stating how thankful for the experiences you have gained through working for that employer.

It is obvious that every job has impacts on your professional journey.

For example, you can state:

I am very thankful for the opportunity you offered me, the experiences I received has taught me a lot of valuable lessons in life.

  • Talk about your pending projects

If you were working on something before deciding to resign, make sure you inform your employer in your 2-week notice that you intend to complete your current projects and make a follow up on every pending job. This will boost your credibility and show you are a loyal and responsible employee.

You can only do this to major projects that require your attention; minor projects that can be assigned to other employees can be ignored.

By doing this, you will leave a good impression to your employer which increases your stake of getting a positive recommendation anytime you need one.

  • Offer to help

As an employee of any company, you play an important role because you are part of a team. There will come a time where the company will need you to help them fix something. Show that you are willing to support them even after you resign. Provide a contact that the company will use to reach you in case a need arises.

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Properly Formatting Your 2 Week Notice

Remember the 2-week notice for resignation is a form of a business letter and therefore it takes the format of a formal letter.

Let’s have a quick guide on writing your 2-week notice following the formal letter format.

Note: It is advisable to use a letter rather than writing an email to your employer.

  • You should date your letter – This serves as a reference for the date you are going to leave your position and helps the employer plan on how to fill in your vacancy.
  • Don’t forget the address – Specifically, address your employer.
  • Use your employer’s name in the salutation – You should address your employer directly. Don’t be general using salutations such as “To Whom It May Concern.”
  • Use the guidelines above to write the body of the notice.
  • Your closing should be a warm one – This helps to maintain the positive and friendly tone you have based your letter in.

For example:

  • Best Regards
  • Warmest wishes
  • Finish by typing your name.

Ensure that you leave a space for your handwritten signature once you print the letter.

Handing in Your 2 Week Notice – How to Get Over It

Handing in your 2-week notice can be hard and intimidating.

If you want to make this task a little bit lighter considers the following:

  • Handing in the letter personally – This is professional because it will give you an opportunity to explain to your employer in person about the move.
  • Make sure you circulate the copies to the relevant departments.
  • Finish all your pending business – make sure you finish all your work so that you don’t leave your position with a lot of unfinished business.

Sample 2 Week Notice Resignation Letter

Piel Peter

2367 Oakdale Avenue,

Bowling Green, Florida, 33834


[email protected]

June 30, 2017

Martin Taylor

Managing Director,

Nile Enterprise

3038 Oakdale Avenue

Bowling Green, Florida, 33834

Dear Mr. Martin Taylor

I at this moment submit my resignation letter as the Managing Director at Nile Enterprise, effective (state the date), two weeks from (state the current date).

This decision was not an easy one.

Working for you and the company has been a great experience. I had the privilege to work a team of successful professional, dedicated to delivering the best.

Thank you for all the opportunities that you gave me, I have grown both personally and professionally. As you go forward, I wish you all the best. In case you need anything, I will be ready to offer a hand, just contact me.


Your Signature (Handwritten)

Your Typed Name

Going through such examples makes you perfect your writing skills because you get to understand different orientation of the weekly notice.

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