How to Write a Follow-Up Email After an Interview – a Simple Explanation

How to write a correct follow-up email after an interview?

A follow-up email is important in increasing your stakes for acceptance in the position you applied for. So, do not just sit there with your arms crossed and expect a positive response without showing sheer interest in the job position! There are typically three instances after an interview that will require you to write a follow-up email. These include:

  • A thank youemail expressing your gratitude to the interviewers and reinforcing your interest in the job.
  • A second followup email- written in instances when you have waited for a response for quite a while and is meant to act like a polite reminder.
  • You may also write an email after getting the feedback, and in this case, maybe you were not accepted just to ask to keep in touch with the personnel in charge. This is a great networking strategy, and you never know it may come in handy to secure you a position in future.
  • In the follow-up email, as mentioned earlier, express your gratitude and reaffirm your interest in the position that you applied for. The email is also a great platform to give any important information that you may have left out, elaborate on some of the critical matters that may have arisen during the interview and most importantly, mention how your skills and talents correlate to the qualities required taking the job interview and the job description as your reference. It is also advantageous to mention that you are most suitable for the job, giving reasons for the same. Your email should exude a lot of gratitude and confidence in your abilities. You should write the follow-up email within twenty-four hours after the interview.
  • A follow-up email may be long or short depending on the information you want to give, but typically a short email is most appropriate. A professional email formatis more or less similar to a formal letter and should have the following components:
  • Begin with the name of the person who interviewed you. You may choose to use just the first name or the last name in which case you have to include “Mr. or Mrs.”
  • First paragraph- here, mention the specific job position that you applied for and express your utmost gratitude to the interviewer.
  • The second paragraph- give any relevant information that you may have omitted during the interview and include any critical issues that stood out during that interview making clarifications on matters that seemed to be somewhat unclear. As mentioned earlier, you may mention reasons why you strongly believe you are best suited for the job.
  • The last paragraph- end you email by offering to answer any questions or concerns that the interviewer may have. Lastly, mention that you are looking forward to a feedback.
  • After the email, give your name and contact information including your phone number and email address.

Once you are done with the email, do not be in a hurry to send it and get over and done with it! It is important to proofread your email for any mistakes that may show some signs of sloppiness and make sure that precision is adhered to in your thank you email.

What is a follow-up interview?

A follow-up interview typically refers to a second interview which is often requested by the respective companies to only those candidates they are considering to hire or rather the short-listed candidates. It is very important for you to take such an interview with much seriousness, even much more than the first one since the interviewers expect a higher level of preparation taking into account that you have had an insight to what the company requires and job specifications from the first interview.

Moreover, the questions asked will be much more detailed, so you have to be on your toes and give it your best shot.

When it comes to a follow-up interviews, it is important to note that you may be facing one of your previous interviewers and hence be ready to elaborate and even add some new strengths that are in line with the job description. Do not bore the interviewer with the same information that you presented during the first interview.

Follow up or follow-up – which spelling is correct?

There is no major difference between follow up and follow-up besides the way in which they are used in a sentence, that is, either as a noun, adjective or a verb. Follow up is used as verb and means to review or revisit whereas follow-up is majorly used as a noun where it means to appoint for a second time and in some instances as an adjective where it describes an engagement. Examples of instances where the two words are used are:

It is important for any serious candidate to write a follow-up email after any job interview. (As a noun)

Follow up on the interview if you do not get feedback for quite a while. (As a verb)

A formal letter template to help you

Here is an example of a formal follow-up email to give you an idea of how the email should look like.

Dear Mrs. Kili,

I am very grateful to you for taking your time to interview me for the position of chief laboratory technician at the Linco Consulting Limited.

This is a very great opportunity and I would be honored to get the opportunity to work in such a reputable company. It was such a humbling experience to be interviewed by a professional and knowledgeable team and I am really looking forward to working with all of them.

After interacting with the interviewees and a thorough analysis of the job description, I am very confident that I am the perfect person for the position. My skills and experience in working in the same field in a number of other reputable firms gives me an edge and confidence that I will not disappoint you. I hope that you will give the feedback in the soonest time possible. For any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on 6748390200.

Thank you so much for your consideration and time.


Your signature

Caren Thomas.

It’s a simple as this! So, get writing that perfect follow-up email and improve your stake in getting your desired job position.

Checking in email example

Such a follow-up email is majorly written mostly after a phone interview. Here is an example of the content of athank you email after a phone interview:

I am truly grateful to you for taking your time to talk to me today. I am overwhelmed by the insight I gained and I will be truly humbled and looking forward to work with such a great team. I hope that you will consider me and that you will give me a feedback the soonest time possible. Thank you so much.

It is good to go through various samples as it sharpens your skills in writing.