Useful Explanation How To Write a Complaint Letter

What is a complaint letter?

It is good to understand the definition of a complaint letter before you proceed to writing. A complaint letter is a letter written by a customer to an organisation complaining about a certain product or service. A complaint letter is written to a company or any agency to state a complaint on a faulty device you purchased from the company or for poor services you received from the said agency.

It can be a customer complaint letter or a business complaint letter. Here I will highlight what a complaint letter is, what it entails, how it should be written and a sample of a complaint letter.

How to write a complaint letter

When one encounters a problem of any form be it with a product, device or the services you received can disappointing and frustrating too. The first action to be taken when such happens is to contact the responsible company via a phone call or e-mail. If no action is taken towards your complaint what usually follows is a letter of complaint. Just like any important formal letter, this one is important too as it can help you in case you decide to take any form of legal action towards the company.

Complaint letter writing tips

When writing the complaint letter: Ensure you address the relevant authority. Always when writing a letter of complaint channel your complaint to the customer care department. This is because the main function of the customer care is to deal with whatever the issues the customers may have.

Ensure you have the correct address of the company before writing your letter. For you to come up with an effective complaint letter, you need to pay attention to some small mistakes common in writing. Below are some of the tips for writing an effective complaint letter:

  • Get to the point. You should indicate your reasons for writing the letter. Highlight the facts which include the time, date and where you purchased or received the services. The reader should be able to get the point on reading the first few sentences hence it is important not to beat about the bush. Explain yourself well and be detailed to capture the reader’s attention.
  • Be specific about what you need and want to be done. Clearly state what you want whether it’s a repair, a replacement of the product or a refund. All this write them in the next paragraph. This will make work easier for whoever is receiving your letter know exactly what you need. Suggest to the company what you think can be a lasting solution.
  • Attach copies of the necessary and relevant documents. This may include receipts, warranties, cheques and e-mail conversations if there is any. This important as it makes your complaint legit. Make sure to include in your letter the exact documents you are including. For example: “I have attached a copy of the receipt and a warrant for the phone.”
  • State the time limit you giving them to fix the issue. It is important to state the time in which you want your issue resolved. This will help your issue be solved in the soonest time possible. The period you are providing should be realistic to avoid an unreasonable clash between you and the company.
  • End your letter in a respectful manner. Just like any formal letter, finish your letter by closing with yours faithfully.
  • Use the correct tone to write a complaint letter- Avoid being emotional in your letter. when you are writing the letter, it is expected that the person who will receive your letter is not the one responsible for the problem, but he or she can help to ensure you get the best service. You should be polite in your writing so that the person in charge can be able to address your issue effectively to your satisfaction.
  • When writing a complaint letter, you need to be polite. It should be written respectfully and shun away from using angry and threatening comments no matter how mad you may be. The recipient will be willing to help if you are polite.
  • Be precise. Make sure you get to the point so that whoever is reading the letter should be in a position to identify what exactly the problem is.
  • Be in command. When you write your letter with authority, it lets the recipient take your complaint with a bit of seriousness. When you authoritative it gives credit to your letter enhancing positive response.
  • Identify your self- identifying yourself is important because the company will be able to know you at a personal level. You should also include your contact so that in the case where they will need to find out more information about the product you can always be available to give explanations.
  • Check out for spelling and grammatical errors. After you have written your letter, it is always good to proof read to correct any grammatical and spelling errors you may have made. Follow up your letter.
  • Wait patiently for the time limit you had provided to elapse if no action nor feedback has been given you may follow up to find out. If no response gives you may address your complaint to someone in a high position.
  • If no feedback is provided by the person in a high position, you may consider seeking legal help. You can see a lawyer and he/ she will advise you on what to do. Remember this is usually the last option.

Complaint letter writing format

It is good to understand the writing format for a complaint letter because it enables the recipient to easily understand your problem and address it as you expect.

  • Addresses

The first part of the letter is writing your address and the recipient address. You should counter check to ensure that you use the right address for the company lest your letter becomes displaced.

  • The title

In the title, you should address what the complaint is all about. Once the recipient reads the title, they will easily know where your issue falls, and it would be easy in coming up with a solution.

  • The body

In this letter, you need to go straight to the point. Go ahead and explain your complaint giving all the relevant information about the product then state what you expect them to do for you to be satisfied.

  • Conclusion

In the concluding paragraph, you should `give them a time span for them to solve your problem. Try and be polite at this part so that they can see the essence of serving you as one of their customers. You can go ahead and thank them in advance.

Complaint letter example

In cases where you need to write a complaint letter and you not sure how to write you can always check complaint letter samples to get hints of what complaint letters are all about. Reading examples have some benefits to the reader they include;

  • It helps the reader to master the correct tone of writing complaint letters. Going through examples helps one know how the writer was able to compose themselves to writing a letter that is not abusive or sarcastic amidst their anger.
  • It helps to master the format to be followed when writing a complaint letter. Just like any other letter complain letters have a format to be followed in writing a good letter.
  • It helps one master the grammar to be used, helps one write a letter that is readable, concise and to the point

There are so many reasons to go through example those are just but a few. Below is an example complaint letter template that can be of use to those who may need to write one in the future.

Rian Elsi

Po Box 43-30100, Goa

6th February 2017

Brian Easy

Customer Care Director

Brioel Furniture

30-30100, Goa

Dear Brian Easy,

On the 5th of January 2017, I bought a shoe rack with serial number 30267981. I purchased the product online on 5th January 2017 and paid for it online too. Unfortunately, the said product is not exactly what I had chosen. Instead, a shoe rack similar to that was delivered to me.

 To solve his issue, I would like a replacement to be made. I have attached copies of the receipt, serial number, warrant of the shoe rack and the email conversation I had with one of your salespersons concerning the purchase as mentioned above.

I look forward to hearing from you and a solution to my problem. I will wait for a week before seeking help from a third-party. Please contact me via e-mail at [email protected]



Rian Elsi

With the above guide you are sure to write a good complaint letter that will be understood by your recipient and they are going to solve your problem easily.