How to Write a Synthesis Essay

What is a synthesis essay?

Synthesis is all about collecting information from different sources and putting it together as one content. There are different sources of information regarding different topics in literature, for example. Some of the common written sources of information include articles, journals, books, magazines and even newspapers. There are also non-written sources such as lectures, observations, and interviews. Synthesizing calls for extensive research concerning a topic, so as a writer you have to understand the ways different sources bring out a concept, then combine them and come up with convective writing for your reader.

To handle synthesis questions, you have to learn how to write a summary of concepts without leaving a point behind. To be able to come up with a good summary you have to write down points in a list from the sources you have read, then use good sentences to link the points. You have to go beyond your summary making by giving reasonable judgments to convince the reader. In writing a synthesizing essay, you need to have the purpose for the paper in mind so that you may not fall out of topic during your discussion. Be sure to maintain a good flow of your work. It is the purpose of your paper that will determine the sources that you will use for your paper outline.

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There are two types of synthesis that you should beware and classify your essay before writing so that you abide by its essay format.

  • Explanatory synthesis – in an explanatory synthesis, the paper is mainly intended to educate the reader on the topic. The writer is required to subdivide the topic into different components and bring out the content clearly in an understandable manner. An explanatory essay mainly focusses on descriptions to bring the scene to the mind of the reader. There are no arguments or opinions given in this essay format; it relies on facts.
  • Argumentative synthesis – the main objective of an argumentative synthesis is to provide your opinion concerning a certain point and support it with evidence. It is more of a debate forum because you have to give the views from both sides of the argument then give your stand which should be convictive to the reader.

Below are some of the standards to use in your synthesizing essay.

  • You should always support your claims using your sources. Some of the writers do it the other way, which should not be the case. You have to state your idea first, then follow it by support sentence stating the source.
  • The paper should be able to create a dialogue between the ideas you write and the sources used in research. There should be a dialogue form of presentation of your points to improve the flow of the essay. You can also create a dialogue between the sources themselves through comparison of their content. Different sources may have different context about an idea, and as a writer you should be able to compare the two and bring the reader to a stand on the theme being discussed.
  • Make sure you understand your audience. You should be able to know the reader of your paper and use a tone that can be convincing to them. The main aim of a synthesizing paper is to educate your reader about a certain topic, and for you to succeed in the same, you have to use persuasive language.
  • Organization of your paper is determined by how you choose to plan your paragraphs in the body. You should place each point into its paragraph. At the start of each paragraph, use a topic sentence to introduce the reader to the main idea in the section, and link it to the thesis. A paragraph should be of a moderate length; a standard paragraph should constitute up to 5 sentences. You have to understand how to start your synthesis essay, after the title, you head to the introduction. The introduction should constitute a small background story about the topic and raise the suspense of the reader. The reader should be anticipated to read through your body paragraphs; to attract the reader, you can bring out your topic inform a question that is unanswered. After your introduction paragraph, you should include a thesis statement to cover up the body points to the reader. Your thesis statement should be short and clear. A transition is key while writing a synthesis essay; you should use good transition words for synthesis essay to link your introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Good transition helps your points to flow smoothly into the mind of the reader.
  • Use good language and tone in your essay. Choice of words is important depending on your targeted readers. You should not use too much of vocabularies in your work because it makes the reader bored since it is difficult to understand the writing. You should use simple English to improve the clarity of your content.
  • Proper choice of your title. You should choose good descriptive words for your title so that the reader can be attracted to your work. There are different ways of creating suspense in your title; you can choose to put your title in question form so that the reader is attracted to find an answer to it.

After finishing your writing, it is good to read through before submitting your work. When you read through your work, you can easily determine words misused, grammar and spelling errors and also the tone. While reading, you should change areas that do not read well or add sentences to make your work perfect.

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Synthesis essay definition

A definition in writing of different essays is fundamental because you cannot write what you do not know, as it is impossible. To define synthesis, you have to be conversant with different sources of information, because to synthesize is to relate contents of different sources based on a central idea or topic. There are several steps to follow before starting your essay writing which include:

  • Understanding the prompt – You are supposed to brainstorm about the topic in a general view and formulate ideas. You have to put into considerations the needs of your paper so that when you think of ideas, they go as per the necessities of the paper.
  • Develop a good thesis – this statement is dependent on the idea that comes first when you think about the topic. You can rewrite your thesis after knowing the sources that you will use in your work.
  • Choosing sources – after knowing what you need on the topic, you can now select the sources that will be resourceful for your research. You should choose sources that are legit so that the reader can be convinced by the content that you present them. Some of the sources of information are usually unreliable and therefore unworthy to use in your research. Use credible sources to support your claims on the topic. You have to have a variety of sources at the same time to bring out quality research, because some sources may contain limited information on the topic.
  • Close reading is done after choosing of the sources. You should read through the sources and make short notes on the main ideas you obtain. Evaluation of sources is the final step. At this point, you should justify whether or not to use a source depending on the information that it contributes towards your topic.

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Topics for your synthesis essay

There are different topics for synthesis essay that you can be examined on. The main intention of an examiner when it comes to synthesis essay, is to test the ability of the writer to conduct research and relate information from different sources. To advance your writing skills on synthesis paper, you have to go through various synthesis paper examples. By going through various samples, you are likely to be exposed to different writing formats for synthesis essay. You are also likely to come across different topics, and this will help you to maneuver given any title to write on by an examiner. Some of the common topics that one can be asked to write about include:

  • Synthesis essay on Global warming
  • Essay on video games
  • Essay on impact of modern technology on education
  • Essay on easy ways of earning money online

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You should be able to choose the right topics for your synthesis essay. Some of the topics may have a limited number of points. Choosing the right topic for your essay is a basis of success because the reader would be attracted towards your work and you will also have confidence in the topic.