40 Health & Healthcare Research Paper Topics

hixai bannerThe paper on Health Research can cover everything: from healthy lifestyle, to child care, to rehabilitation after traumas. Humanity invents lots of ways to live longer and healthier, so you have thousands of choices for health research topics. Still, because there are so many ideas to improve one’s health, not all of them are tested and proved properly. Here are some suggestions that may help you to make an outstanding paper that will be accepted both by those who support and who reject your chosen idea.

Use the respected sources of statistics

Unfortunately, even the clinical researches can be falsificated. The more serious source of statistic and figures you use (and the more sources that prove each other) the more credibility will your paper have. Even those who disagree with your main thesis will have to admit that you use true facts and they have to deal with it.

Remember that nothing is equally good for everyone

No matter how devoted you are to your idea and how good it is for the majority, there will always be some people for which it doesn’t work. Vaccinations save people from horrible diseases, but there are people with allergies or immunity disorders. Going vegan can be great for ethics and health, but there are kids who still need meat and milk to grow and so on. It is okay that panacea doesn’t exist, so when you are describing a method to enhance your health, always think about the possible drawbacks.

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Do not follow the fashion

The advertising influences us greatly. You may hear a lot about the new revolutionary method of improving your health. Everyone uses it. Hollywood celebrities use it. It perfectly fits everyone. But despite all this you should study this method as if it was invented yesterday and you are the scientist who decides whether it should be released.

You may use some of our sample topics for the research paper to come up with your own. Good luck!

40 Best Medical Research Topic

  1. The history of health. What was considered healthy in the ancient times and what is healthy now?
  2. The beauty standards and their impact on overall health throughout the history of humanity
  3. Going vegan: when, why and how it can improve your health?
  4. Bodypositive: the ignorance of the body problem or the new standard of health?
  5. Is the excessive weight the new bane of human civilisation?
  6. Bodybuilding: when it is healthy?
  7. Professional sports: the impact on health. Professional traumas
  8. What shall we really consider while choosing healthy food?
  9. What is healthy lifestyles in different ages? How should it change?
  10. Psychological health. The importance of its maintaining in modern society
  11. The health of newborns and infants. How shall their healthcare differ from the adult one?
  12. Is health fashionable now? How the trend for health can benefit society?
  13. Ancient health practices that are still useful in modern life
  14. Depression and anxiety: shall they be treated as a real threat to health?
  15. Healthcare in different countries: what is considered a minimal one?
  16. Pregnancy and healthcare: do pregnant women need extra attention?
  17. Are all the pills we usually take really needed?
  18. Vaccination: why people start to be afraid of it again?
  19. Experimental treatment: when and why people agree to undergo it?
  20. The most dangerous illnesses of 21 century
  21. Living with chronic diseases: how can the health of such people be improved?
  22. Plastic surgery: is it safe for health?
  23. The basics of the healthcare: how to make people aware of them?
  24. Palliative care: the decent rest of life
  25. Bioethic: what is this and why it emerged?
  26. Chemotherapy: when the cure is doing harm
  27. Alternative medicine: does it work?
  28. Organ harvesting and transplantation. Can it be soon replaced with organ growth?
  29. Chronic pain management: the quality of life
  30. Puberty and health issues connected with it
  31. Menopause and the health issues during the process of climax
  32. Reproductive health: why people become so concerned about it in the last decade?
  33. The world’s greatest epidemics. The rise of epidemiology. The prevention of spreading diseases
  34. Euthanasia and assisted suicide: the moral aspects. Is it still healthcare?
  35. Healthcare in prisons and asylums: does the government maintains the same quality of it?
  36. The differences between public and private healthcare
  37. Can ban of tobacco and alcohol improve the overall health condition?
  38. Sexual education as the way of preventing of spreading of STDs
  39. Homeopathy and Homeopathic medicine: why is it suspended in some countries?
  40. History of surgery and its role in gathering the knowledge about human health
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