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Paraphrasing Tool – Your Helpful Online Rephraser

How Does the Paraphrasing Tool Work?
  1. Paste the text that needs rewording into the box and click “paraphrase.”
  2. Tool will highlight the words and offer a list of prospective synonyms for each word.
  3. Substitute original words for synonyms of your choice by clicking on them.
  4. Click “finish” once you’ve finished paraphrasing the text.
  5. If satisfied with the final result, copy the text, paste and submit for grading.
  6. If additional changes are necessary, click “retry”or “paraphrase another text” to repeat the process.
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There is one thing that unites students of such diverse universities as Harvard, Yale, and smaller colleges like Pomona: their worry about plagiarism. It’s an issue that has been poisoning even most successful essays because there are times when students forget to cite a source or just unintentionally copy a part of information and fail to paraphrase it successfully. This is where free paraphrasing tool online offered by Research Guide will be invaluable.

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With its help, students save their time and forget about their concerns regarding plagiarism. Free paraphrase generator rewords sentences in a way that won’t be seen as plag by any checkers. It is important to use such tool to make sure that your essay is clean and that nothing will damage your chances of getting best mark.

Research Guide’s Paraphraser: Best Benefits At Your Disposal

Don’t panic after seeing results of plag check and realizing that lots of sentences should be rewritten. There are always options that may come to the rescue. The most important and helpful one entails trying to paraphrase a text. When doing it yourself, you’ll need to spend many hours and efforts on it, which is incredibly frustrating. That’s why using online plagiarism changer is the best choice. We have developed a unique system that’ll help quickly and efficiently. Here are our benefits:

  • Our tool is completely free. You don’t have to pay even a cent for using its services despite their efficiency, so scan texts and enjoy results.
  • It’s online, meaning that it doesn’t require downloading special apps and risking encountering viruses.
  • Our software is up-to-date. We constantly monitor feedback we receive from users and take all their comments into account. Be sure that our free generator will help transform your text into a completely original one.
  • Rewording options that we offer are diverse. You’ll get up to ten thoughtful synonyms for each word.
  • No usage limits. Our free sentence rephraser can be used as much as needed. There are no limits, so don’t worry about overusing it.
  • Creating an account isn’t required. Use our online rewording machine as soon as you come to the web page. There is no need to log in or register.
  • Quick. Any student using this tool gets their results within seconds.

So, if you’d like to decrease the amount of plagiarism in your essay, check our paraphrase machine. There are plenty of benefits it has. You’ll be done quickly, without wasting time on unnecessary and annoying processes.

How to Use Our Reword Tool: Four Basic Steps

Many students give a wary glance to such online tools because they aren’t sure how they work. The answer is simple! For your convenience, we’ve made this quick step-by-step guide with detailed explanations that’ll ensure you understand everything before engaging in rewording.

1)  Visit Research Guide’s rephrasing tool online. You’ll see a wide empty box with an offer to paste a text there.

2)  Pick a segment of text to paraphrase and insert it into the box. Don’t choose large paragraphs because in the end, it’ll only make your work harder. Remember, you’ll still have to choose among different options and work on your text, so pasting about five sentences a time would be the best variant.

3)  Click “paraphrase” to see reworked text. All relevant words will be underlined in a different color.

4)  Click on each of them to see a list of synonyms below. Look through them all, pick one, and then put it in place of your initial word. Repeat the same process with all other underlined phrases and you’re done! You’ve managed to successfully rewrite a paragraph.  

If you need to paraphrase another part, it’s not a problem! Just do the same. Insert it into box, then start clicking on each colored word to see what options could replace it.

Avoid Plagiarism and Earn Top Marks For Your Essays

Our paraphrasing tool is the best solution to the issue of plagiarism. Use it and change faulty parts of an essay in no time at all! Find out all words that should be replaced by inserting your written text into our rewording machine. Then check what kind of synonyms are available and make your decision. Bit by bit, you’ll be able to eliminate all traces of plagiarism and transform your essay entirely.

The whole process, along with rewording itself, takes only several minutes. So, we welcome you to try our paraphrasing tool. Submit only plag-free essays and enjoy your top grades!   

Everything You Need to Know About Our Tool: FAQ

1) What are pros and cons of paraphrasing?

Pros: You have a chance to improve your text and remove plagiarism quickly and effectively. Rewording tool is online and free, so just get most benefits with minimum efforts.

Cons: Some of the options offered to rephrase the words might be flawed, so you have to pay extra attention to whichever of them you pick.

2) How is paraphrasing different from summarizing? 

Summarizing means that one reads a source and then writes down the main ideas introduced in it. People don’t use similar sentences or repeat the author’s ideas in your own words. Paraphrasing means that people stick close to the original text, preserving the meaning of each sentence yet not copying them directly.

3)  Can plagiarism checker detect rewording done with A Research Guide? 

That depends on how thorough you were when changing text. If you worked on every highlighted word, then an essay easily passes all plag checks. If you replaced just some of them, a few sentences may be shown as plagiarized. So, it’s up to you: clean your text from plagiarism, or hire an editor who take care of it for you.

4) Can a large text be paraphrased?

Technically, yes, there are no limits. Copy your text paragraph by paragraph and make required corrections. But in reality, it’s not the best option, so if you have an essay that has been copied almost entirely, better hire a writer who’ll craft it from scratch. 

5) How many times per day can a paraphrase tool be used? 

As much as needed! Use it to reword all your essays in one day — it doesn’t matter. We want you to succeed in your writing tasks.


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