40 Useful Ideas for Psychology Research Paper Topics

There is a countless psychology research paper topics. Mostly, when thinking about psychology research papers, people remember the psychological issues, but there is a lot of other areas where psychology can be useful. Every part of life that involves humans is connected to the psychology. And every single case has several different interpretations according to the main psychological schools.

There are lots of psychological phenomena that weren’t studied yet, so you are free to choose. Still, if you want to try yourself in something completely new, prepare to gather lots of data by yourself. Your research paper may need a practical part (a questionnaire, a set of interviews etc) to prove your point, so make sure you have enough respondents willing to cooperate around.

If you are writing about the case in general, try not to focus on the approach of the particular school. Give the audience the diversity of points of view, analyze weak and strong sides of every theory. Some major branches of psychology indeed work better with some types of psychological issues, but the fact that others weren’t applied to such issues doesn’t mean they don’t fit.

The last but very important thing to remember – be ethical. Always warn your respondents that their answers may be published, hide their names and other facts that can directly point on them and think twice before giving them the questionnaire. Are you sure they won’t be triggered with the questions in it? Please remember that your primary goal is not to make their state worse.

Have a look at our sample topics, maybe they will help you to get your own ideas of the research paper?

40 Psychology Research Topics for Writing the Best Paper

  1. The history of psychology. Its development and usage
  2. PTSD from ancient to modern times. The causes of PTSD and the ways to prevent it
  3. Psychology and mythology. Repeating images in the myths around the world
  4. Freudism and its basic concepts
  5. Psychology and physiology. Psychosomatic diseases
  6. Psychology of happiness
  7. Psychology and psychiatry. Borderline states
  8. History, causes and treatment
  9. Anxiety disorder
  10. Psychology of the crowd
  11. The usage of psychology by governments. Propaganda
  12. Everyday psychology. How do we use it in our daily life?
  13. Psychological relaxation: why it is so important?
  14. Psychological tortures: can they make real harm?
  15. Business psychology
  16. Teenage psychology
  17. Children psychology
  18. The psychological ages of a human
  19. Socionics: a controversial theory. Does it work?
  20. Family counseling
  21. Religion and psychology: can the faith be an additional resource for the mind?
  22. The stages of coping with the loss. The psychology of loss
  23. Childhood traumas: their types and the impact on the adult life
  24. Psychology of sex
  25. Self-esteem issues in psychology
  26. Breaking the abusive and codependent relationship. The role of psychotherapy
  27. The difference between psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists
  28. Psychology of games: why games are important for our development?
  29. Psychology of marriage
  30. Post-Freudian psychology and its development
  31. Gestalt psychology
  32. Alternative and esoteric psychology
  33. The prominent cases in the psychological studies
  34. Psychology and sociology
  35. Do the psychological portraits of people in different countries differ?
  36. The influence of education to the personality of a person
  37. Feminist psychology as part of gender studies
  38. Psychology and LGBTQ+ people
  39. First psychological aid and its importance
  40. Suicidal attempts and psychology of them