40 Useful Samples of Terrorism Research Paper Topics

Unfortunately, the theme of terrorism is now still very acute. The terroristic acts aren’t history, they can happen in the centers of the peaceful cities of developed countries. No one is safe… but still it isn’t the reason not to study terrorism and search ways to prevent it and, possibly, eliminate it completely.

The definition of terrorism is actions made to frighten the people and threaten them to achieve some political, ideological or religious goals. So it can be classified by the goals the terrorist try to achieve and by the methods they use to do this. Every type of terrorism has well-known patterns that can be used to timely spot potential terrorists and disarm them.

Another question that is inevitably raised during studying terrorism is the balance between personal space and private data and safety of the society. The governments may implement more and more strict laws using fighting the terrorists as cause, but it may lead to almost totalitarian regimes where the basic human rights of the citizens are suppressed. From the other hand, giving everyone complete freedom and privacy may lead to terrorists abusing these rights and using the privacy against the society.

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The hard topic that also appears from time to time is: can terrorism be justified in some cases of dire need, if the alternative is way worse and the goal is worth it? Sure, almost everyone of us will say “no”, but even nowadays there are a few totalitarian regimes that are so horrible that knowing of them may make even the purest souls doubt.

Please feel free to use our free samples of topics to get some inspiration:

  1. How does the development of technologies affect the tactics of terrorists?
  2. The tragedy of 9/11
  3. The Incels movement: a growing danger?
  4. Terrorism and religion
  5. Using minors and vulnerable social groups in terrorist acts
  6. The role of terrorism in the creation and development of Israel
  7. The most powerful international terrorism groups: Boko Haram, Al Qaeda and others
  8. Partisan movements and terrorism
  9. The history of terrorism
  10. What methods are justified when fighting terrorism?
  11. Hiroshima bombing: can it be considered terrorism?
  12. Terrorism in media and films
  13. The process of radicalization. The creation of terrorist groups
  14. Motivations of terrorist groups
  15. Terrorism and Mafia: similarities, differences and cooperation
  16. Terrorism as a tool for politics. Can it be used to benefit some particular political forces?
  17. Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp: was it justified?
  18. Suicide bombing and psychological conditioning of suicide bombers
  19. Bioterrorism
  20. Terrorism and human trafficking
  21. Terrorism threat and the international travel safety
  22. Is non-violent response to terrorism possible?
  23. The ways to work with society to prevent terroristic acts
  24. The first psychological aid to the victims or witnesses of terrorist act
  25. Why terrorists use hostages? What shall the potential hostages do to survive?
  26. The main differences between political and non-political terrorism
  27. The recruiting strategies of terrorists
  28. Counterterrorism all over the world
  29. The most prominent terrorist leaders
  30. The most famous counterterrorist operations
  31. What can society do to prevent terrorism?
  32. The future of terrorism. May it evolve?
  33. The process of taking responsibility for terrorist act: why and how the terrorists do this?
  34. The model of Israel society. Is it good for fighting terrorism?
  35. Terrorism as international crime
  36. Nuclear terrorism
  37. Terrorism and blackmailing
  38. Is it possible to exit a terrorist cell?
  39. Ideological terrorism
  40. The different definitions of terrorism and the cause of their creation