Secondary School Web-Based Resources Search for opportunities and information about the skilled trades in Ontario: Peel – Halton – Dufferin, Hamilton, Guelph – Cambridge, Kitchener – Waterloo, Mitchell – St. Marys – Listowel, and Stratford. Option to register as an Employer or a Job Seeker. Take an Employability Skills quiz. Visit About Trades to find descriptions of occupations, plus tips on becoming an apprentice. Trades categorized under four sectors: 1. Construction Sector – Bricklayer, Electrician, Carpenter (general), Plumber, Roofer, etc. 2. Industrial Sector – General Machinist, Industrial Woodworker, Mould Maker, Tool & Die Maker, etc. 3. Motive Power Sector – Auto Body Collision & Damage Repairer, Motor Vehicle Mechanic/Automotive Service Technician, etc. and 4. Service Sector – Baker, Cook, Hairstylist, Radio & TV Service Technician, etc.

AUCC image AUCC. The web site of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada provides an index, links, map locations and descriptions of Canadian institutions as well as information about the post-secondary education system for the domestic and international student.

Canadian Universities Canadian Universities. Links to Universities, Associations and university related sites in Canada. Includes Maclean’s magazine rankings: 1999, 2000, maps of Canadian campuses, universities in the United States, and world universities.

CanLearn Interactive CanLearn Interactive (ci). One stop resource for information and interactive learning tools you need to explore learning and education opportunities. Includes: Canada Student Loans Program, National Student Loans Service Centre, CanLearn Cafe, The Road Ahead, Dollars & Sense, etc. An interactive career reference guide providing in-depth profiles of hundreds of different careers, multimedia interviews with real people in over 800 careers, career search tools, and database of colleges and universities. Ask your Guidance Counsellor for Username and Password if available. The College Board. Interested in a U.S. College/University? Information and online SAT Registration, SAT Prep, College Search, CSS/PROFILE – the financial aid application service of the College Board, and Education Loan Center.

College Search Engine. offers the capability to search colleges using advanced custom search utility. Search colleges in United States, Canada, England, and Puerto Rico.

Higher Education References from Busy Teachers’ WebSite K-12. This is an excellent reference site for information on U.S. colleges and universities.

LifeWorks: Explore health and medical science careers. Check out Career Finder to discover the work that fits your life best. Career Finder sifts through 108 possibilities and creates a list of jobs for you to explore based on your interests and skills.

Mazemaster. The Mazemaster® provides access to up-to-date employment, training and educational information for youths. Site hosts a vast number of resources, including self assessment and job opportunities. Canada’s premier student portal web site. Find information on undergraduate and graduate universities and colleges, scholarships, careers and jobs.

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OCAS image OCAS. The Ontario College Application Service is the central clearinghouse of applications to colleges in Ontario. All applications are processed through this organization. The site provides details about application procedures as well as links to college home pages, we wll as other informative links.

The Ontario School Counsellors' Association OSCA. The Ontario School Counsellors’ Association is the professional organization of teacher-counsellors in the elementary and secondary schools of Ontario. The OSCA provides numerous links to information regarding education and careers in Canada. This site is highly recommended.

The Ontario School Counsellors' Association image OUAC. The Ontario Universities’ Application Centre is the central clearinghouse of application to universities in Ontario. All undergraduate applicaions as well as applications to medical schools and law faculties are administered through this organization. The site provides details about many application procedures as well as links to university home pages.

Penny Bissett Consulting. Helpful Links provide invaluable information on Canadian and U.S. colleges, universities, and programs. There is a link to “Clearinghouse” for prospective athletes looking to continue their sports and schooling in the U.S. and These sites allow students to register, submit a profile, and will let students know of scholarships that they might want to consider. These are invaluable resources for students looking for financial solutions to their post-secondary education. Site offers students access to a large number of resources such as university searches, scholarship links, virtual campus tours and career information.

Canada SchoolNet SchoolNet. Canada’s School Net is a government supported web site designed for high school students making educational and career decisions. It provides numerous links to a variety of relevant topics. The counsellor resources are excellent. Schools in Canada is dedicated to undergraduate degree and diploma programs in Canada. In depth information is provided on Canadian business, engineering, fine arts, science, teacher education, nursing and health programs, as well as general university and college overviews. This site allows students to search for universities and colleges in each province by discipline. Brief descriptions of each institution are provided including web links to each school. Hobsons Guide to Canadian Universities and Colleges. The company, Hobsons, maintains the College View web site where students can do university searches and virtual tours. The site provides numerous links to articles about university search and the university experience. There is also information on scholarship and post-secondary institutions. Enter your post-secondary or post-graduate preferences and get a list of all Canadian universities and colleges that meet your needs.