30 Cool Political Science Research Topics and Ideas

Political science is a very complicated one. It is tightly connected to history, economics, social sciences, even geography and psychology. Political events can have so many causes underneath that are not obvious at all, that a great political expert has to be nearly omniscient to see them all. So how to write a perfect and professional research paper on politics without studying a dozen or two extra subjects?

Try to concentrate. Choose the single event or phenomenon and one (or two if you are really into it) approach to it. Focusing on the main causes and consequences may give you much more than trying to study something from the every side possible. You know your best skills better than us, so choose the approach that can really allow you shine.

Don’t be shy to consult and quote other authors. Mostly they do pretty much the same: choose their approach and event and work on it. Finding some extremely narrowed works of political scientists, analyzing them and coming up with your own solution can save you a ton of time in comparison with reading hundreds of pages of broader works dedicated to your political science research topics.

Keep in mind the level of your audience and their political preferences. Sometimes politics can be a tingly subject and the people may disagree with you not because your facts are insufficient or the logic is flawed, but simply because they have the opposite political preferences. You don’t need to write about those things that are acceptable for your audience only, of course. We just warn you to be prepared for such a situation that, unfortunately, may happen.

Have a look at our sample political science research questions. Maybe, they will give you an idea for your own?

30 Unique Political Science Topics

  1. Political system and government of the Great Britain
  2. The development of politics in Ancient Greece
  3. Politics and the geographical conditions of the state
  4. Globalization and politics
  5. Psychology of politics
  6. The controversial political decisions that saved the state
  7. Totalitarian regimes: how does such politics still exist?
  8. Politics and corruption: does the power corrupt inevitably?
  9. Politics and religion
  10. Civil wars: a failure of politics?
  11. The changes of politics according to the changes of primarily important resources
  12. Culture and politics
  13. Comparison of the political parties, their structure and functions
  14. Elections as the instrument of politics
  15. The future of politics: what can it be in 100 years?
  16. Federalism, Confederalism and Unitary systems. What are the differences in politics
  17. The concept of democracy and democratic politics
  18. Why politics is often considered immoral?
  19. The role of public relations in politics
  20. Media as a political power
  21. Social movements: the politics made from the bottom upwards
  22. Revolutions: the main causes, similarities and differences
  23. Politics and gender discrimination
  24. Communism: utopia or achievable goal?
  25. The ideal political system: what can it be?
  26. Politics and philosophy
  27. The rational choice theory
  28. Nationalism and politics
  29. Interest groups in politics
  30. The development of the political science