40 Sports Topics for Research Papers

Sport always was one of the main ways of entertainment for humankind. The natural desire to compete inspires humans to invent newer and safer ways to do this. Nowadays almost every area of human activity can be turned into sport, so the curious students who want to write a paper about entertainment and sport have countless possibilities to do so.

To write a really outstanding essay though, you should consider narrowing your topic to the one kind of sport or sport games. The writing about sport in general can be very time-consuming and it will be very hard to found some completely new information about the general history of the sport.

Don’t forget that now sport isn’t so tightly connected with physical activities. Computer sports, tabletop games, virtual reality sports may not be present in Olympic games (yet), but still it is a huge industry that has an enormous fanbase and professional teams of players.

The very nature of the sport, the causes of its creation, can also be very interesting. How is desire to compete is hardwired into our brains? What we get from winning even if there is no prize? Why sport is so important not only for our entertainment, but for our development? Is it completely an instinctive behaviour or one can be taught to love sport?

You are welcome to have a look at our social issues list of research papers to inspire and invent your own. Good luck!

  1. The world before sports: hunting, gathering and ritual games
  2. The development of sports. The first known types of sports
  3. The role of sports in the developing of children. The playing instinct
  4. Child games: how do little humans invent their own sports?
  5. Women in sports: when and why they were not allowed to play sport games?
  6. Steroids and drugs in sports. Is this a modern issue?
  7. The history of Olympic games and their impact on the development of sport culture
  8. Is professional sport harmful for health?
  9. Sport bets. A metaindustry of entertainment
  10. Sport injuries and professional traumas
  11. Sport as political instrument
  12. Corruption in sport
  13. Sport and gender. Transgender sportspeople
  14. Sport and militaristic society
  15. The impact of sports to the emotional well-being of a person
  16. Sports and physiological reactions
  17. What can be considered sport in the modern world?
  18. Professional and amateur sports
  19. Spectator sports and their impact on culture
  20. Sports and media: why people who are not playing like to watch?
  21. Sports and fan culture
  22. Sports and aggression
  23. Paralympic games
  24. Sports, disabilities and rehabilitation
  25. Contact sports and their practical usage
  26. Sport scholarship: is it justified?
  27. Sportspeople who changed the history
  28. The most important sport events in history
  29. Quitting sport: the life of the professional sportspeople after the sport career
  30. Psychology of sport: how does psychic influences the sport career?
  31. Trainers and training strategies
  32. The differences between team sports and solo ones
  33. Sport psychologists: why are they needed?
  34. The role of family support for sportspeople
  35. Sports and prejudices against sportspeople
  36. What age is appropriate for starting professional sports?
  37. Children and professional sports: the importance of psychological balance
  38. Sports as business. Sport managers
  39. Sports laws in different countries
  40. Nationalism and sports
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