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Philosophical Counseling: Utilitarianism

Utilitarianism focuses itself with the outcomes or the implications. There is no defined distinction between what is good and what is bad; the concern is on the circumstances and the results. What could be acceptable in a particular situation could be unacceptable at some alternative place. It emphasizes that if the net outcome of the decision is an enhancement in...

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How Customers in a Busy Cafe Manage to Secure a Table to Sit at – Observation of Setting and Activities

Introduction As people go to have coffee in cafes they have to interact and collaborate for the time they stayina café. The way people mingle and interact in the cafes depends on several factors including the aesthetics. This research is taken to study the behavior of customers’ interaction and collaboration when finding a sitting table in a busy café. The...

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Analysis of the Democratic and Participatory Budgeting

Section 1.0 Introduction Since the Congo picked up freedom in 1960, progressions have been associated with being fixed to ethnic conflicts, uniquely the political and social transformations. In 1959 when the nation was still under the control of the frontier force, rough conflicts contradicted the inhabitants of the Pool locale to those in the northern areas (Ulimwengu 2009). This contention...

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Integration of Seven Habits to Professional (Volunteerism) Administration

While a lot of effort has been dedicated on learning volunteering skills, little persistent has been shown on helping administrators of non-profit organizations build up the abilities to apply to their particular associations or projects according to their hierarchy positions. Each of Covey's seven habits contains certain significance to today's supervisors and chairmen of charity organizations without discrimination of the...

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Books are Our Literary Friends

As a young child, my mother stressed the importance of reading. Being an avid reader herself, she made sure to pick a book for the young me whenever she went shopping. We would therefore spend most of our nights in the study going through books. At the time, I could not comprehend her obsession with books. I could contend unsuccessfully...

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Life is Beautiful… Or is it?

The value of life changed drastically depending on conditions humanity lived in. When resources are scarce people resort to cruel and practical decisions, valuing the life of strong and healthy individuals more than the rest. In overcrowded cities the cases of horrible neglection of human life are also very common, much more common than in a small town where no one is...

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