30 Great Social Media Research Topics and Ideas

There are plenty of topics that can be raised when we are talking about media. But how to choose the one that you will be really delighted to study and write the research paper about? We understand that everyone can get stuck on the very first stage of choosing the social media research topics and thus the direction of research. Try to use some simple questions we gathered for you to figure it out!

The first research questions about social media are: what kind of media do you prefer to study? If it’s written – is it classical newspapers (that are still alive), special magazines for the small circle of professionals, glamour press or social network blogs? Or, maybe you prefer movies, advertisements or music clips? Or even want to discuss the problems of the media of the future like access to the global network hardwired into our brain?

When you made the first decision, it’s time to narrowing topic further. Think about what exactly caused the choice your made? What do you prefer in this type of media, what makes it better for you from the whole list? Maybe, there is a lot of data about it, so it will be easy to gather materials for your research paper? Or vice versa, there is almost nothing known, so you have all the chances to make a discovery? Analyse your own reasons of choice and you will understand what should you write about.

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Also, make sure that you will be able to provide examples of media you are talking about. Search for something that can illustrate your point perfectly, fits the format of the research paper and is easy to understand without the long explanations of the overall context. Be careful with copyrights, ask permission to use the materials in educational purposes always when you have the slightest hesitations.

Check out our sample topics, if you want to go the other way around – they are quite narrow, but maybe they can give you some inspiration?

30 Social Media Research Paper Topics for a Successful Paper

  1. Does sex sell? Usage of primal instincts in advertising.
  2. Are cliches in the media good or bad?
  3. The history and importance of radio play
  4. Al Jazeera
  5. Are modern media biased?
  6. Media, ethics and PR
  7. Why do people prefer scandals in media?
  8. Social advertising: does it work?
  9. Why do newspapers still exist in the Internet age?
  10. Media for kids and teenagers
  11. Shall media be gendered?
  12. Media, fashion and aesthetics
  13. Popular culture and media
  14. The media of the future
  15. Shall we have space that is totally free of advertising?
  16. Media and informational overloading
  17. Government rules and politics about media
  18. Media and censorship
  19. Media as instrument of propaganda
  20. Terrorism and media
  21. Reality shows, privacy and ethics
  22. Diversity in modern media
  23. Door-to-door sales: invention and future
  24. War correspondents
  25. The demand for violence: do people want to see it or they adapt to what they see?
  26. Arthouse and mainstream
  27. Major media industries
  28. Shall the news always tell the truth?
  29. Media and religion
  30. Kids and the influence of media