Financing campaign

The Affect of Obama Care of Young Adults

Introduction Cancer is the common name for a group of over 100 diseases. Even though there are many kinds of cancer, all cancers begin because abnormal cells develop out of control. Untreated cancers can lead to severe illness and death. Cancer come ...

Campaign Financing

Campaign financing refers to raising of funds with a goal of promoting political parties, candidates or policies during elections, party organization, party actions, ingenuities and reforms. Though most campaign expenditure is privately funded, publi ...

The Twitter Candidate

The mastery of social media by Donald Trump was his real ground for victory in Us presidential campaign. He later got the name the twitter candidate since it was his main campaign tool. Trump continued proving wrong the political analysts through con ...

Virginia’s Gubernatorial Elections, 2017

Introduction This paper is all about the gubernatorial elections to be held in November 7, 2017 in the United States of Virginia where three candidates Ralph Northman, Ed Gillespie and Jill Vogel are the contestants. The state’s gubernatorial elec ...

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