Foreign language children

Why Should Children Learn a Foreign Language?

Languages are the vehicles through which we communicate as human beings. Every ethnic group, country or region of the world has a language of its own. When children are born, they usually fist pick up the language spoken to them by their parents. In ...

Reasons Why Children Should Learn a Foreign Language

In the modern era, where the internet has provided the gateway to the whole world, where the advancement in communication has reached higher peaks and where social media has invaded almost everyone’s lives, it has become imperative for every being ...

Should Children Learn Foreign Languages?

Occasionally, one may come across those untranslatable words that are unique to a language. Kilig is the Filipino word for romantic butterflies in your stomach. Wabi-sabi is Japanese for finding beauty in imperfections. It’s these little quirks tha ...

Question: "Should Children Learn Foreign Languages?"

The knowledge of foreign languages is a sign of above-average mental ability. It is not a characteristic of the majority and people who possess such skill have many career opportunities. This is the reason why parents are willing to invest in languag ...

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