Holland’s theory

Planning Theory Tasks

Abstract This paper discusses planning theory and particularly the urban planning. Major cities and even small towns have poor designs as a result of poor planning. The paper looks at the history of planning and its importance especially in urban areas. It also analyzes the factors that affect planning, ranging from political interference to societal principles as well as the...

Rawls’s Theory of Social Justice

Mental Health In the US there are more than 48 million people suffering from a mental health condition that is almost twenty percent of the total population. The number of people committing suicide is also relatively high with suicide being tenth in the number of causes of death in the US. When one assesses the ages between 15-24 suicide is...

Holland’s Theory of Types

Introduction Helping one to make a career decisions has been crucial element in counseling psychology since the time in when it emerged as a profession in academic work. It has continuously been deployed and is currently in use today. Holland’s theory has been of great benefit in trying to put significant measures that have been of great help to generating...

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