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Leisure Well-Spent by Children

The adage ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ stands true for children too. The mammoth size of homework may lead your kids to spend more time at their study table rather than in the playground. But you should realise that sticking to th ...

Essay Question: "How Should Children Spend Their Time?"

I believe that the days of parental nurturing of children's talents are way behind us, and that the parents' new role shall be confined to the mere facilitation of their children's self-developing activities. Children should be made to have as many p ...

Examining the Question of: “How Should Children Spend Their Time?”

There are many speculations and presumptions surrounding the basis of the best usage of children’s time. Parents are often overwhelmed with the different opinions presented to them; the ramifications of a child’s upbringing are well established t ...

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